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Am I Doing The Right Thing as a Mom? {Ebook Giveaway Included}

Hula Hoop Girl 260 Being a mom is hard work. We don’t receive man-made rewards and accolades when we change diapers, or prepare meals. It is not common practice to read about the Hero Moms in the news, for their outstanding devotion and daily sacrifice.

To me, the woman that stands out in a crowd is the one that will come forward and be honest. How brave she must be to share that her days are long and she is tired. She shares that she is just wondering if she is doing the “right thing.” This path called Motherhood.

Are you “that” mom? You are wondering just exactly how to embrace motherhood? Your friends seem to have it all together, and with all of your better days combined, you don’t accomplish as much as they appear to in 24 hours. How DO other women do this?

Perhaps the noise of the world is becoming louder than the Voice of the One who really matters? And, we listen, and feel defeated.

It is time to turn off the noise of the world and tune back into what really matters. You matter. Motherhood Matters.

Would there ever be relief for the constant mom motion that leaves me exhausted and searching for balance?

While searching for the answers in this place called Motherhood, I wrote an e-book, titled, Hula Hoop Girl. I would love to share this with you today.

Your time investments now will reap rewards that you cannot see today or perhaps even tomorrow. But laying aside the extra distractions, to focus on shaping your children hearts, souls and minds, will reap a harvest for eternity.

Do you often feel defeated by your own schedule and wonder what you could be doing differently to be a “Better Mom.” Don’t let the life outside of motherhood cause you to envy the freedom that you perceive other women to have. Whatever we take on in life – there will be work, dead-lines and expectations.

So, how do we choose what is best for us in this season of Motherhood? Here is a simple list from my book, Hula Hoop Girl, where I encourage women to lay down the distractions in life, and focus on what the Lord would have for us in any season.

If Motherhood is your central calling right now, perhaps this list will help you as it did me.

•Have you surrendered your life purpose to God – letting Him take control of the circumstances and details? •Can you identify the areas that may be distracting you in this season of motherhood, and are they causing you to feel discouraged and defeated? •Is there a habit or time investment you might be repeatedly investing energy into? Is it tipping the scales, or is there a balance? •Please don’t compare. You are not the girl next door. We can learn from other women and apply good habits, skills and character from them.      Just be careful to not compare. When you do this, you begin to embrace discontentment….And discontentment breeds a lack of focus and momentum. •Have you learned to exercise the ability to see the gifts God has given me in the moments?

Moms – You matter! You matter to those here at The Better Mom, and to God.

Your daily routines can be full of beauty and gifts.

Motherhood was not meant to be drudgery.

Every day is different. And today, my “having it all together,” is this: cuddling, reading, singing and teaching, nurturing and being a help meet. This is my “together” today.

Without the extra hula hoops.

What a wonderful freedom to know that this is OK.



McCarthy_web (10)September will honestly share with you that she has more joy than she ever thought possible in this life. She lives a life of perpetual motion, loving the man that has protected her heart for 23 years, and raising 10 children to be more like their personal Savior.

September has a heart for encouraging women in motherhood, and the humility of “being real.”While homeschooling, keeping her home and her sanity, she has written an e-book to the heart of women, titled Hula Hoop Girl. Her book encourages women to find their identity in Christ, and to not take on more than He has intended. She challenges women to lay down the extra’s in life, and focus on what really matters .Her journey through loss and tragedy has taught her to be sensitive to the pain in other’s lives. While managing her home, she finds new perspective daily, and has been able to share that with discipleships, speaking, and writing. September writes at One September Day, and is a contributing writer for MODsquad, Allume and Mom Heart. Between laundry and life – her heart is to encourage. Connect with September on Facebook and twitter @septemberanne

September is giving a copy of her ebook Hula Hoop Girl to 3 Better Mom Readers.  To enter join the rafflecopter below:

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