Letting Go of Our Need For Acceptance

How does the world say we are accepted? Invitations, achievement, and affirmation may make us feel good, but if and when those things cease, our kids need to remember that they are still whole loved. Here’s how to remind them (and remind ourselves!)

Having a teen driver can add to the anxiety we already feel as parents. Even though I know my 16-year-old son is a good driver, it still doesn’t take away the nagging fear I can feel with a teen driver on the road. This is what Splitsecnd, an award-winning device is for. To ease our minds....

Guard Against Grumbling

Are you a grumbler? There can be so much overwhelm as a mom that we can quickly fall into an attitude of complaining. If you struggle with this, consider how you might be missing what God is doing in your life with us today- a new perspective might just change everything!