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"I was a "veteran" mom; I had done this thing nine times and suddenly felt as if I was completely inadequate and incapable of raising these sweet children God had given to me. True, we had just had our lives turned upside down by a massive tornado, but I suppose every mom has those points in her life where she just feels overwhelmed and needs some help. I rummaged through the many articles I had written over the years about motherhood, and I began to feel a sense of purpose and, yes, power returning to me. "And be transformed by the renewing of your minds..." That was it. Mothers are in a constant battle--against the world, against a culture that has forgotten the importance of pouring a life out for the next generation, and mostly, against their own sinful hearts that whisper lies about their worth and capabilities. We need to be renewed. How else will we remain steadfast?

As I began the renewing, the reminding and the transforming, I put it all into a book because surely every mother needs this! And When Motherhood Feels Too Hard was born.

When Motherhood Feels Too Hard ~www.thebettermom.comExcerpt:

"Someone asked me how I could be excited about a ninth baby.“Because I don’t see a baby”. Well, yes I do, and he/she is magnificently more wonderful than a handful of seeds! But I see more than a baby. I see a harvest…the fruit of our love, the physical reminder of “two becomes one”, the labor of our hands through the years, a heritage, for me, from my Father.

My vision goes beyond that sweet little face and all the messes I know I will clean up, and the mid-night feedings that aren’t easy, the squabbles and the stains on the furniture, the tears and laughter, and the days I just want quiet…

There’s a whole generation underneath that spaghetti-smeared face that’s been given to me. And it’s worth it.

And I want to be here when the harvest is fully ripe….But I won’t.

Because the seeds we plant now will grow beyond us and the harvest will become unable to be measured.

So I will keep pulling the weeds, planting the seeds, nurturing, watering, tending and praying for growth, thanking God for the miracles.

And I will have the FAITH to believe that His glory will burst forth."

I never knew how the Lord might use it until emails started coming in and what I had thought--we're all in this thing together and we NEED EACH OTHER--was confirmed.

The fact is, motherhood IS hard. That doesn't mean we're doing it wrong or that we've made the wrong choice or that we aren't cut out for the job. It is hard precisely because it is so important and the enemy knows that. Good things are often hard things.The secret is....we must keep constantly recharged with the truth and the power of God's calling on our lives.

Twila Paris sang years ago, "The warrior is a child." And sometimes that child must go running home when she falls down. Home to her Heavenly Father and to renew, recharge and sharpen her sword for the next round. My prayer is that this little book will help you do just that. The next generation is counting on you!"

In His Grip, Kelly Crawford


Kelly is wife to Aaron and mama to nine children. Days are busy reading, creating, and living life in an effort to honor the Lord Jesus and make His glory known. Kelly has authored numerous articles in homeschooling magazines, has been featured on Generations With Vision and several other broadcasts, and besides her new book, has written several eBooks to help moms carry out the important task of raising the next generation and building home. You can find practical encouragement and inspiration for your day at Generation Cedar.

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