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Finding Security as a Mom & Better Mom Mondays Link-up!

It's both amazing and humbling how the introduction of children to life turns our hearts to singing and our minds to spinning - all at once. Even if we entered adulthood fairly secure in who we are and just what we're about, motherhood has a way of turning this completely upside-down.  Or at least the questions haunt us if we're honest.  They're laced with fear and desperation at times...

Should I really follow this method for putting the baby to bed? 

How will we discipline?  Will our educational choice be right?  Should we stick with just one?

Am I a helicopter mom to my kids - are we good parents?  Do I allow them enough decisions and enough freedom?

Am I a fun mom, do my kids even like me?  What about their friends?  Should I even care about that?

Oh my the questions can list long!  And here's perhaps the ultimate:  Will they turn out all right?

Will they?

security in motherhood

Motherhood can pull a number on our sense of security.  It's an internal struggle for sure, but external pressures surround us too.  There are other moms, and we view them through the lens of our inadequacies, often finding them much better, much {whatever} than we are.

Parenting books, family comments, teacher evaluations, and on and on.  It's exhausting hanging our value as moms on shifting ground, but we do.

May I suggest this as a first step?  To admit we will (or do) struggle with some level of insecurity in our mothering?

Yet, there's also hope.  Really -- there is.  The goal is not seeking always feeling secure; life rocks the boat enough.

Instead I want to encourage you to find steadiness of thinking.

security in motherhood

I say we choose to steady our mind instead of giving completely in to vicious thoughts of how horrible we are.  Who wants that really?  

Here's some encouragement from a woman on the journey too:

We need The Word:  Jesus our Savior, and words of Scripture.  This will be the oxygen mask of life when those panic, can't breathe moments of raising kids come our way.  Knowing, rehearsing, reading words which speak truth will steady us.  Deep connection to our Savior will calm our spirits.

We need Community:  Friends on the Journey.  Don't go it solo, okay?  God created us to be interdependent, and within community we find shoulders to cry on, hearts to listen.  Other women who will speak the truth in love, and share our burden.

We need Outside Help.  Just maybe...our insecurity journey is a super serious block to living joyfully most of the time as a mom.  Dear sister - seek help.  It's more than okay to get professional assistance or resources, your motherhood for the long-run is worth it.

:: ::

Standing firmly and securely as a Mom is a journey, we're always growing and learning. Abundant grace as you walk this out!


{I highly recommend Beth Moore's So Long, Insecurity! book as a starting place for understanding this struggle we all face.  Full of encouragement, it's a good read.}

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