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The Benefit of Simple Systems & Better Mom Monday's Link-up!!

I'm sure it's not a far stretch to say most of us Moms are busy. We coordinate playdates, sports schedules, holiday planning, volunteering at church, running a troop, etc. all while trying {desperately at times} to keep the house clean and a decent dinner on the table!  Even the most organized among us could easily become overwhelmed by all the details.

I'm in the same boat and definitely don't have all the answers.  I do offer a tiny tip of what has worked -- well, at least when I work it.  Simple systems.

Figuring out how to streamline and make routine things which need to be done over and over (and over) again.

streamline life

Why have a system?

Well, because it helps not having to give prime energy to thinking about what to do and how to do it.  A system takes a bit of time to establish, but after routinely practicing it, becomes second nature almost.

Imagine brushing your teeth.  I doubt any of us still go through the entire process of really thinking about what we're doing. just brush.

But, most likely in a certain way.  You might even start on the same exact side every. single. time.  Then you rinse and finish up.  Or finish up everything and then rinse.

Whatever it is -- there's a way it's done without a lot of extra thought.  That's the benefit of a system!

Other Benefits of Systems

We could probably brainstorm this all day, but here are a few:

  • establishes a way of doing things for yourself
  • and for the family!
  • makes routine activities a little more calmer
  • save precious brain energy :)
  • helps others to know what to do when you're unable

If applicable, your family can be brought in on this system stuff and when everyone is pretty much on the same page of what to do and how -- these routine necessaries of life go sooo much smoother.  Oh, it's never perfect, and that's not the goal.  But it can be easier.

simple systems

Important Systems for the Home

There are many areas of life to suggest implementing a way of doing things, but I'll share a list for home life.  Just think if you had a basic way of doing these things how much time and energy could be saved!

Here are a few areas to think on establishing a system.  For each, the primary questions are:  when will I get this done and how will I do it?

Okay, here we go!

  • meal planning:  weekly, monthly or another idea
  • grocery shopping
  • cooking:  what works - once a month, daily or weekly?
  • laundry:  collecting dirty clothes, washing/drying, putting away
  • cleaning the home: one big swoop, or a bit daily?
  • kid's chores:  who does what, and when
  • decluttering or spring/fall cleaning
  • mail and the paper trail:  where does it go, what to do with junk mail
  • the family calendar: online or paper?  updating/coordinating
  • paying bills: auto pay, snail mail or what

The list could go on, because our lives do!  We have a ton to coordinate and be responsible for, and having an established simple way of handling these areas will bring more peace to our lives.

If you're overwhelmed, take it one area at a time.  Trying to overhaul everything at once doesn't make sense -- start slowly and make lasting changes.

 Any other areas you would add?


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{post written by Daniele of Domestic Serenity; who is also trying to establish simple systems in her life!}


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