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Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ruth Schwenk came to know Christ as her Savior in high school.  Today she is a pastor’s wife, devoted mom, author, blogger, and speaker.


She is a blessed mother to her four beautiful children, and she eagerly awaits meeting her five others lost through miscarriage, in heaven one day. Ruth is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. She has a passion for following God, leading worship, rescuing orphans, and inspiring others to create a God-honoring family. Ruth is the creator, editor, and owner of The Better Mom (TBM), www.thebettermom.com. TBM is a contributor website where a community of over 500,000 moms gather every single month for learning and sharing life together. Our mission is to build God-honoring homes by inspiring moms to be better moms through sharing life and learning together. 

Speaking Topics:

Motherhood and Life:

Thriving as a Mom (and not just surviving)

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to feel overwhelmed, frazzled and worn out all the time! It begins by taking an honest and personal look at yourself first, before your children.  Join me as we look inward to discover the following:

  • Your calling as a mom
  • Ways to establish personal priorities and boundaries
  • Creating healthy schedules
  • And why it all matters!

Leading Your Children (and not just looking after them)

Join me as we take an honest look at living on mission as moms.  Motherhood doesn’t have to be reactive.  By God’s grace we can live proactively to help shape and guide our children toward a lifetime of faithfulness to Jesus.  We’ll discuss the following:

  • Identifying your family mission and creating values
  • Establishing and implementing priorities as a family
  • Reaching your children through constant love, consistent training, and continual teaching

The God Who Sees

Do you ever feel like nobody sees what you do as a mom or what struggle you are facing in life?  Many moms struggle with the daily, mundane, ordinary, and unseen reality of motherhood and just life.  It’s not always easy to remember that the unseen doesn’t equal the unimportant and the unworthy.  Join me as I share the story of the God who saw me in my brokenness, just like He sees you.

Discovering Rest Through Rhythms 

And.....whatever topic idea you have to fit your event :).


Creating a Contributor Blog

How do you build a blog that people not only visit, but want to belong to? Contributor blogs are a great way to communicate your God-given message, widen your audience, and create a community with diverse voices. Do you love the idea but lack the information to get started? In this inspiring and practical session you will learn:

  • To transform your good idea into a reality
  • How to gather and lead a contributor team
  • Steps for successfully launching your site
  • Helpful lessons and tips for effective social media
  • How to run the day-to-day operations seamlessly

Getting Things Done in Ministry on a Shoe-String Budget

Owning a blog/ministry is a large undertaking with many moving parts. If you have struggled to balance your budget and your blog, then this is the session for you. Learning to manage volunteers or hired help has the potential to broaden your audience. But how do you do it? What is the most effective way to manage your money while multiplying your ministry? In this practical session you will learn:

  • Effective ways to delegate your responsibilities
  • How to choose the right people for the right projects
  • Generate and increase income to fund your ministry
  • Practical advice for choosing the most important elements to focus on

Other ideas:

  • Balancing Blogging and Family
  • and whatever idea you have to fit your event :)


Note: Speaking is such an honor, and something I LOVE to do. I would love to have a full schedule of speaking, however given my schedule and my commitments to my family, I carefully and prayerfully consider each opportunity.


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