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In Praise Of The Family Road Trip

Last summer, our family did the unthinkable: We drove 3400 miles round trip from New Mexico to Florida, and back, with all 8 of us (including 6 boys ages 1 to 12) in one SUV. We survived to tell about it, and quite frankly...loved proving to ourselves that we weren't completely insane. 

This year, we are reprising the unthinkable and throwing a trip up to Georgia and back through the midwest in the mix. Let's face it:  Flying is expensive but not impossible. Going that far for that long in one car together as a family has to be intentional. You have to choose that kind of crazy. Amen?

Here are some of our favorite reasons for road-tripping:

5 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Husband

I was sitting in a hotel room on a king-sized bed at a conference.

I was sitting there alone, not minding being alone, wishing that I missed him.

Wishing I missed the man I’d been married to for eleven years and forgetting what the touch of his hand felt like. His calloused, farm-boy hand, the one that found me across the duvet those three years I relapsed into anorexia and sleeping pills, the one which fed me ice chips as I birthed two miracle boys, the one which always gave me the first strawberry of the season from our garden.

And I crawled onto the king-sized mattress then, stretched out across the miles of bed and cried.

Dear Moms: Look Up From Your iPhones!

I didn't take my laptop on my last trip - a six-day visit to Phoenix - which might not seem like a big deal except I don't own an iphone. Our only phone is a flip phone with no internet access, and being Canadian, it doesn't work in the States. So for six days I was screen-free. Hands-free. Eyes lifted at all times - all five senses tuned in to the world around me.

And do you know what I saw?

A world that wasn't seeing.

Have you ever felt as if the weight of the world were on your shoulders? Even after praying, crying, and waiting on God - you just can't shake that feeling? I have. And as a matter of fact, as I write these very words, I am fighting back against it. Maybe you are feeling this way today, too? Even if you are not, I pray that these words will minister to your heart.

Today, (and every day here after) I quit.

The New Year will be here before we know it and this is the perfect time to be thinking about setting goals. We often think of goal setting for our businesses, homeschooling, or even our health.  Most of us want to set individual goals or resolutions; however we don’t usually think to set family goals.

I want to encourage you this year to do something different!