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10 Awesome Resources to Prepare Your Kids for Back to School

10 Awesome Resources to Prepare Your Kids for Back to School

We might not want to go there yet, but back to school is lurking! When we prepare we'll, we can create excitement and help our families be successful. Here's 10 great ways to get your kids ready for the season ahead.

I can't believe summer is almost over.  I wish it could last a little longer because I always cherish the summer but unfortunately it does come to an end and whether we love it or hate it we have to get ready for back to school time.  Some of you will be getting your kids to go back to traditional school and some like me will be ready to start your homeschool year.  

No matter how you and your family do school there are so many great posts out there to help get you and your kids get ready for this special time in their lives. 

I have put together a list of 10 great posts around the web that will hopefully inspire and help your family get ready for back to school.

You can visit This Gals Journey to find out how to curb the back to school chaos!

Right here at The Better Mom, you can find an action plan for Back to School and a great post on appreciating the teachers in your lives.  You can also find a wonderful list for easy to make dinners for back to school time.

I love how Kara gives you a list of questions to help you decide where your kids should go to school.

On my blog, I have a list of 10 educational field trips you can take as a homeschooling family that is educational and fun!

This is an oldie but one of my favorites, Ann Voskamp talks about the best ways to organize a homeschool classroom!  

You will find tons of classroom hacks at Quirky Mama, you don't want to miss all these creative ideas!

Confessions of a Homeschooler has put together a fabulous list for back to school supplies, she has also put together a list of her favorite supplies for homeschooling moms!  I love her lists!

I hope this post gives you some great ideas for back to school.  I am praying that you and your children's year will be wonderful!


Angela, Together with Family

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