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Ten Ways for Your Family to get the Most Out of Summer

Ten Ways for Your Family to get the Most Out of Summer

Summer is here and you want to soak up every minute! But how do you decide on moments that make it special for your family? These ideas will help you capture the very best of the season and make wonderful memories together!

I love summer time!  It is just a fun time to enjoy lazy evenings, take vacations, and create memories that can last a lifetime.

You don't have to have a lot of money or have a Pinterest worthy summer to have good times together.  Enjoy eating ice cream, going camping for a weekend or going swimming together can be a lot of fun and doesn't cost much.

10 Ways for your family to get the most out of summer!

Go outside – You may not have a swimming pool but enjoy the outdoors anyway.  Go to a local pool with the kids, eat ice cream on the front porch, swing in that porch swing or hammock, climb a tree (if you can), sit in a baby pool with the kids (I have such great memories doing this with my kids) and just soak in the sun.   If you tend to  struggle with depression, being outside lifts you so much, the Vitamin D is so good for you.

Play with the hose – Nothing brings laughter and just pure fun for kids than water.  You don't have to have a fancy pool, just let them go outside and spray the hose.  They can do this forever and oh the memories they make.  It is a pure joy watching them as well. 

Catch lightening bugs – help you kids catch them and put them in a well vented jar and watch them light for a while before letting them go!

Star gaze – Put a big blanket in your yard or blow up mattress on your deck and watch the stars together – see if you and your kids can name some of them.

Go for a car ride – everyone get in and roll the windows down to enjoy the smells of summer and the warmth it brings – Go in the evening so it’s not too hot.  Stop for a ice cream!

Take a nature walk – we live near a park with a big lake, and we always see so many things on our walk.  This is a great way to make conversations with the kids.

Have a summer family night – We love family nights around here, having a special summer one can be a blast!

Make a summer treat – do homemade ice cream, or even something simple like kool aid in the ice trays (remember those)  stick a toothpick in them before freezing and you have a fruit pop!  Anything cold and good will do!!

Don't overbook - There is this pressure today that tells you your kids have to be in every activity and every sport and I see parents running around with full blown scheduled time for their kids all summer!  It always makes me a little sad.  

Kids don't get to enjoy the pure beauty of summer anymore and the wonderful creation of God!  We are too busy, and too scheduled.  I have three teens and I have chosen a different path and it is glorious.  If your family is enjoying your schedule don't change a thing but if they are not let it go!  Stop worrying about what other people think and just enjoy your time together.  My oldest just graduated from high school (our homeschool), trust me time goes way too fast. 

Just Be Still – Really, just sit.  Sit on that swing, on the porch, deck or wherever!  Just sit and have conversations together.  The front porch used to be used in our culture so much.  Families would sit out there and chat with each other and the neighbors.  They would play music or/and eat special goodies and just enjoy each other’s company.  Encourage your family to do this more.  I know it’s difficult with today’s electronic age but let your family know how important it is to you to just enjoy one another.  If you can get them to do this once a week even, it will be a gift!

How are you getting the most out of your summer?


Angela Richter

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