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5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Back to School

5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Back to School

It seems too soon, but right now is the perfect time to prepare our hearts and our homes for back to school. Here are some great ideas you can implement now that will make this  fall's transition so much smoother for you and your children.

Summer time goes way too fast!  Very soon we will be preparing for back to school.  Now back to school for us is back to school at home because we homeschool, but even with that we have to get our minds and bodies back to "doing school," and it takes some preparation!  For many families back to school will mean sending their kids to a different building every day with a new teacher for the year.  I wanted to share some ways to prepare your hearts for back to school time regardless of how you do it, because as we know it is one of the biggest times of transition for our families.

Here are 5 Ways we prepare our hearts for back to school time:

Pray - Pray for your kids everyday as they start their school time. Pray for their teachers. leaders, their safety and their minds as they are learning. If you are a homeschooling family pray for your year together. Prayer is powerful and it works. Here are 5 Daily Prayers I pray for my children.

Spend quality time together - Savor the last days of summer together!  Plan something special to do at the end of the summer for just your family.  Once school starts don't let too many activities or sports keep you from quality time as a family. Guard your schedule and make sure it is not too full for family time. Schedule family nights, date nights, and/or service projects to do as family.  Make sure you are doing activities that build strong relationships with your kids.  It is easy to get too much on your plate and lose touch with your children.

Prepare - Prepare your bodies and minds.  Make sure the kids get plenty of sleep.  You may want to start a a couple of weeks earlier getting your routine down, so it is not so hard for your kids to adjust.  If you are like us you have been letting everyone stay up a little later in the summer. Make sure your kids are drinking plenty of water and get a good breakfast, it really does help clear the mind for testing and learning.

Plan - Like everything else in our lives back to school will go more smoothly if we do a little planning. Plan your schedules the best you can and make sure everyone has what they need.  This includes their supply list, back to school clothes, their schedules and more. If you are a homeschool mom this is the time to prepare your new curriculum and have a plan for how you want your school days to go.

Communicate - I like to have a little one on one time with each child before school starts. It can be anywhere from 5 minutes to going out to lunch together!  It is great to let your children know you are praying for them and that you are there if they need you.  If you are a homeshooler it is a great time to let them know what you expect from them this year and what you hope they can accomplish. Make sure it goes both ways, let your children share whats on their hearts as well!

I hope this helps prepare a little bit better for back to school!  What are some ways you prepare for back to school?


Angela, Together with Family

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