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From Summer to School Time!

Generally speaking homeschooling moms love the new school year.  They have planned, bought new school supplies for the kids, and have prepped their school rooms or area of the house for the exciting new school year.  However, your children may not be as excited.  They have just had a fun summer of swimming, camping, vacations, later bedtimes, or just good old fashioned outside playing.    The last thing most of our kids want to do is start school and often even the ones who are excited, the excitement wears off in a hurry when they realize the new schedule and school work is here to stay.

What can we do to help our children adapt to their new schedule and transition from summer to school time?  Here are some tips that have helped my family.

  1.  Start the year slow.  You do not have to do every subject right away.  The curriculum that we use keeps that in mind and we may only start a couple of subjects the first week.  This helps the kids get into the grove of school work again slowly without overwhelming them or you.   Maybe just start with math and writing or history and science.  Whatever you feel is the most exciting for your kids.
  2. End the first couple of weeks early, allow outside time while the weather is still nice (this is especially nice for us families that experience winters)  This  helps our kids that love to be outdoors, once they get school work done they know they have some outside time to look forward to.
  3. Have something fun the first day or the first week that the kids can really be excited about.  We do a big box of doughnuts from the bakery the 1st day of school! It is the only day of the year we do this and the kids can’t wait.  I also put a special container at their table every year with some fresh school supplies and a personal note from mom to them about how excited I am to be starting another school year with them.
  4. Have a great attitude, the old saying.  “If mama isn’t happy, no one is happy” is very true.  We set the tone of our day and our year.  Try to stay positive even when the kids start to grump can help.  Let your kids know that you are excited about this time with them.  A joyful heart often wears off on others.
  5. Be organized and ready to go with your books, worksheets, and supplies.  If you spend your first couple of days digging things out while you are trying to start school, you often lose the children’s attention who has not adjusted to sitting since the last school ended.
  6. Most of all, pray!  Pray that God blesses your children, the school year and the attitudes.  Pray that God helps them adjust, HE cares about it all, and nothing is too small to ask of HIM!

We have to remember as moms that adjusting from summer to school time can be a challenge for our kids but they will adjust.  They may need a little patience and grace at the beginning but in no time they will be on their way to a new schedule and a great school year.

What do you do to help your kid’s transition from summer to school time?

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