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Organize Your Prayer Time {Happy Mother's Day! Free Printable Prayer Cards}

If you're a mom, you're busy. There is just no way around it. At any stage of motherhood, we have much to do and many to keep up with. Years ago, I was convicted that my prayer life wasn't where it should be. I would pray throughout the day, here and there - which is what we are supposed to do {I Thess. 5:17}, but those many people that I would say "I'll pray for you" would get lost or forgotten. I didn't want that. I wanted to pray for specific areas in my husband and my children's lives, even for my life. I had dear friends who need prayer petitioned for them. 

So, I did what I do with everything else in my life - I got organized. It may seem a little unconventional, but it has made my prayer time sweeter and more joyful ever since.

To begin with, I have a daily routine. I exercise most mornings by walking five miles a day. I have a partner who walks with me, but we don't talk on our way up the hill {which is 2 miles up}. I spend that time in prayer. I use something simple - that most of you have probably heard of: CATS or ACTS. 





During this time of CATS, I have prayer cards that I keep in my pocket and go through. You should see them - very tattered and torn now after years of praying with them. 

I begin my prayer time by Confessing to the Lord - I want no sin to be in the way of communion with our wonderful God and Savior. I should be confessing my sin right away, but I don't always do that and this is really a great time for me to remember to do that and to focus on confessing those sins.

Next, I Adore the Lord. I tell of His marvelous works, His absolute sovereignty, and marvel at all He is. What a wonderful way to continually remember all that He is.

After that, I Thank Him for the many things in my life - good and bad. God is good ALL the time! I reflect on the way He takes care of me and my family.

Last, Supplicating is my time to ask God for specific requests and to pray His will in our lives.

Beginning my day this way has helped me to start the day off with the Lord and is such a great part of my morning. It's so blessed and has helped me to start my day focused on Him. I have time scheduled for reading my Bible and Bible Study lesson a little later in the morning. This is just how I have organized my own prayer time. There are many other ways - with prayer journals or other creative ways. But, I wanted to share this with you, if you don't have something already figured out. 

Here are the FREE printable cards for you to print up {preferably on cardstock}. You punch a hole in the corner and can put a binder ring through them so they are easy to flip. When I use the 31 days of praying for my husband, I use a paper clip to move to the day, so it's easier to handle while I'm walking. 

CLICK HERE TO PRINT -------> Prayer Cards Page 1
CLICK HERE TO PRINT --------> Prayer Cards Page 2

Do you use any type of prayer cards or journal for keeping up with your prayer lists?


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