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Changing our life at a time.

As July begins to wind down and August approaches… many moms, my thoughts turn to the rapidly approaching school year.

I think about what I need to do and get….how I need to be better organized this year and what I need to focus on in the coming school year.

As the start of a new school year begins to dawn, I’d like to send out a challenge to all of us…..a sort of “Let’s Make a Difference” kind of challenge.

It goes something like this:

What if we as Christian moms laid down our education labels and joined together to pray for our kids, for YOUR kids, for the kids down the street, and for the kids living on the wrong side of town…….what if we rallied around ALL of our kids and lifted them up each and everyday? What if we went into battle on our knees in prayer each and every morning for the souls of our children? And not just our children, but for our friends children. For the children in our neighborhoods……for ALL children….those that we know and those that we don’t know.

That’s my challenge.

Let’s lay down our educational labels and join hands and hearts as we unanimously pray for the children who go to the public school down the road, for the kids who go to the private school a little farther into town, for the children we know who are homeschooled and for those in our town that we don’t know……lifting them ALL up..

Each day

Every day

To our precious and loving Father.

Let’s make a commitment

Whenever we see a public school, a private school, or homeschooled children…..we make a commitment to pray for them. Right in that moment.

Right there.

Right then.

I know in the town I live in I can drive by at least 2 elementary schools, 2 high schools, 1 middle school, and 2 private schools within any given day. I have friends who homeschool and get to meet with them many times through out the week, giving me even more opportunities to pray.

It’s as simple as that……seeing and praying.

As a former teacher, I know how desperately prayer is needed in our schools….ALL forms of them.

Why? Because schools, no matter the kind, are filled with people…….and people need Jesus.

Want to change our country? Well, I’ve got a plan for you!

Pray for our children!

Pray for the future leaders of America……

You see, when we pray…..things happen.

When we join together and pray, it’s powerful… powerful that it brings Satan to his knees. Satan doesn’t tremble when we go to church, write blog posts, or read Christian books. He trembles when we open God’s Word and pray.

I’m reminded in James 4:7-8 that when we humble ourselves and resist the devil….He will flee from us as we draw close to our Lord and pray.

You know why?

Because our Father is good.

He loves to listen to His children and when He does, He draws close to us when we draw close to Him……seeking His will instead of our own.

Seeking His guidance.

Yes, we as Christian moms can truly change the world….one prayer, one life at a time.

It all beings with a prayer.

It all starts when we love others as ourselves.

We are called to be women of love and mercy……what better way to love our sisters  than to pray for their children?!

I want to see ALL our children reach the finish line both spiritually and academically regardless of their form of education.

My sweet sister, I love you……and I love your kids.

I want you to live your best life…..a life that is surrendered and focused on Him.

I want no less for your children or for mine!

I want All of us to bring glory to our Lord…..being obedient to whatever path He has called us to.

Let’s join together, pray together and together bring glory to our Lord…..our one and only purpose!

So who’s with me?

I’m excited to start this challenge with YOU and see how God is going to move!

Love God Greatly!



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