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Hi friend! I am so glad you have stopped by the site. We have such a wonderful community of moms here and we would LOVE for you to join us as we share life and learn together!

Our Need For Community

The popularity of Facebook shows our desperate desire for community. As women we are created with the longing to connect, to connect with our Lord and to connect with those around us. We are made for relationships.

The problem occurs with the busyness of our everyday lives. The demands of raising our precious children, taking care of our homes, and being a helpmate to our husbands. As we strive to serve and meet the needs of others, we can find ourselves depleted and lonely. If we’re not careful, we begin to neglect our time with other women and especially our time with God…..the very relationship we so desperately need as moms.

God has designed us for relationships, for community……not as lone rangers out in the wilderness without any support or encouragement.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

What is GMG?

“Good Morning Girls” are a group of Christian women who use email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. It’s a tech accountability group.

Monday-Friday you email, FB, tweet or text your friends and say “Good Morning” and share with your group what you read and learned through your time in God’s Word. Proverbs 27:17 says "As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." You share with your group how God spoke to your heart that day.

We have 3 3 months sessions a year and provide an online bible study to guide you in your quiet times. We also provide blog posts M-W-F all pertaining to what we are studying to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. On Monday’s we provide a list of additional resources that you can use during the week to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. Good Morning Girls can be as basic or in depth as YOU need. We normally only read 2-3 verses a day, but by the end of the session you will have read and written out an entire book of the bible! Our summer session starts May 14th and we will be going through Proverbs 31 using  WomenLivingWell's free ebook as our guide.

What is the purpose of GMG?

The purpose of GoodMorningGirls is to encourage women to get into God’s Word. This past session we have over 5,000 women from around the world involved in GoodMorningGirls groups. God is passionate about His Word reaching “To the ends of the earth” and he’s passionate about His daughters getting to know Him better and deepening THEIR relationship with him… longer feeling alone.

“I have always said that a woman alone in her own home with her own limited self, sinful children and a house that is subject to falling apart, is a target for Satan. Joining hands with other women, having a prayer partner, starting a small group, is a defense against vulnerability.”- Sally Clarkson

GoodMoringGirls is about grabbing your friends or making new friends and coming together in God’s Word. GMG is about developing a closer walk with our Lord so He can change us from the inside out and help us be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend that we can be.

What are others saying about Good Morning Girls?

GMG has been a great tool in the last year not only to help keep me accountable in reading and applying God’s Word but also to get to know some of the ladies from my church in a deeper and more meaningful way.- Jenna

GMG has been great for me. I have met some amazing women and even though we are an online group I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them and learn so much from them. I have noticed a difference in my days when I start with GMG. It has been tough to always start my day with God but with GMG it has been easier to commit to.- Emily

GMG has given me the opportunity to grow while being unable to attend bible study at my church. It has encouraged me with all the comments from other moms.- Elizabeth

Good morning Girls has been a God sent to me. Having children and not being able to leave the house much in the past it had been a very sad and lonely and depressing time for me. Good morning Girls has given me the chance to pull together and this time around help host for the first time online fellowship. It has given me adult communication and structure with Gods words. It has helped me run/ teach/ guide my home, family and relationship with my husbands in ways I never expected. My whole life has changed to the good and I am finally beginning to smile once more and not feel so isolated to the world that is so different in opinions than mine.- Kimberly




Click here for more details about Good Morning Girls or sign up here today!


Love God Greatly!


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