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Resolve to Organize the New Year

The new year is just around the corner. What happens when you start thinking about a new year? Of course, resolutions! I know that most of my readers come looking for organizing inspiration. How about you?

Source: Organizing Made Fun

Do you struggle with organization? Do you feel overwhelmed by a house gone out of control? If so, there is hope for everyone. It DOES take work and dedication, but if you feel ready you can do it. I always love making some sort of resolution - even if it's mid-year. A clean, fresh start of some sort gives me hope that I'm going to try something new and succeed, Lord willing. No, I don't always follow through with my resolutions, but one year I did - and lost a lot of weight {and kept it off}! So, if you are hoping to organize in the new year, where do you start?

How do you suddenly go from not so organized to organized? I want to get you inspired and motivate you. Take it one small task at a time. Take it one day at a time. And keep it after day. If you find that you can't keep it up, find a friend to keep you accountable.

Above all, ask your husband how he feels about it - is he happy with how you've organized your home? Are there areas you could improve on? Is he frustrated with you? I regularly ask my husband some of these questions. Generally, he's fine with how things are. But, occasionally, he'll tell me something that needs help. And when I DO change things around, I let him know what I did and why. I get readers who ask me where to start?

Start small - with one drawer. Sit down one night and watch a movie or show while cleaning out a drawer and organizing it. Teach your kids to do the same thing with their things. Clean out the trash, relocate things that don't belong in there, then straighten it up. Use simple, cheap ways to organize your home using things around your house to get your drawer organized. Then, move on to a shelf in a closet. Do one thing each day - it will take you fifteen minutes.

Being unorganized doesn't mean your a bad mom, but being organized can make you a better mom. Why? Because being organized can help you stay calm, flexible, and less stressed when things come up. And when Momma is happy, calm, and less stressed, everyone benefits! Have a Happy New Year!

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