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Contentment is a Choice

I can see it so clearly in my oldest daughter—that constant yearning and wanting and always needing something more.  No sooner does she get what she wants than she is on to the next thing, constantly pining for something else that is just out of reach.  Sometimes it feels like she is incapable of just enjoying the moment she is in, of appreciating what she has instead of worrying about what she is missing out on.  Her insatiable need for more scares me sometimes. 

And yet.

You're not the only mom that feels like screaming today.

You're not the only one holding back frustration's tears.

No, there are many whose gaze falls on cracker crumbs, unfolded clothes, crusty dishes, and needy little faces, feeling despair's crushing weight. "It's only getting worse," the voice inside tells them. "You're failing. There's no way off this life-sucking treadmill."

But you, my sister, are not past hope.