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5 Benefits of Creating a Home Management Binder

5 Benefits of Creating a Home Management Binder

Do you need help organizing life at home? Consider ditching technology to find the  benefits of a simple binder that you can hold in your hand! Here's how to put one together!

With all the technology available to store family information and organize the home, I still advocate for a good old-fashioned home binder system.

The techy stuff comes in handy, I agree.  

I personally use various apps for things like keeping a calendar or checking my children’s updated sports schedules.  I find storing password or login information easier through digital forms.

Still...I plan to update and revamp my home management system this summer because it’s so beneficial!  

Reasons to Create and Use a Home Notebook

A physical binder system provides an at-a-glance overview of your family life. Depending on what you included and how the binder is organized, you can easily see how everything fits together -- or not.

On your shelf will be a tangible record of what life includes for your family. This can be a great way to evaluate and make adjustments as needed.

And what if technology fails you? Creating and using a paper and pen item provides information when and if your phone, computer, tablet or more just isn’t available for one reason or another.  No passwords, logins or charged batteries necessary!

Your binder provides a ready-to-go reference for sitters, grandparents or others who may need to access information while at your home.  Naturally, if you plan to keep really private or personal content in your notebook, this may not work well.

Utilizing ONE notebook, instead of many lists, papers and smaller notebooks can offer simplicity and streamline organizing the family.  I cannot tell you how many times I wish things were kept in one location instead of many!

Using a home binder is one more way to live unplugged (even if only partially).  You can sit and plan, think through family life or events, all without the constant use of a screen.



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If you’d like tips on creating your own notebook and links to plenty of printables, check out the post here.


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