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10 Safety Tips to Teach Your Teenager

10 Safety Tips to Teach Your Teenager

There is something about being young that sometimes makes you feel invincible.  I remember when I was in college and my fiance at the time (now husband) would worry about me if I was out late or alone at certain times. I always thought he was just being overprotective, but in reality there were dangers everywhere. We don’t want to live in fear but we do want to be aware of our surroundings and always be on alert.

Do your teens know how to stay safe? These skills, tips, and guidelines will give them the foundation they need to live smart in our crazy world. And they are great reminders for mamas as well!

I have a teenager that will be entering college this year, and as a mom, I know first hand about worrying.  Their safety is so important, and although we don't want to scare them from living their lives, we do want them to know a few safety tips that could save their life. 

10 Tips To Teach Your Teenagers about Safety

Stay in good lighting when walking or running –  Dark places leave us more prone to attacks!

Always have your keys ready while heading to your car –  The keys can be used as a weapon if need be. I know it's not much but it is something.  Having a panic alert on the keychain can help also.  Remind your teens about the dangers of texting and how concentrating on driving not only keeps them safer but other people on the road as well.

Be alert of your surroundings at all time – Teens can be especially guilty of being oblivious to their surroundings. Remind them to be aware everywhere they are. This gives them more control if disaster happens.

When you get in your car, lock doors right away –  This is one of the most vulnerable times to be attacked.  Teach your children even when they are young that doors should be locked as soon as they get in.  

Keep a light on when your going to be coming home after dark. – A porch light, night light, or even small lamp can help you see.

Go places with a friend –  You are always safer in numbers. Never leave alone when you are impaired or in unfamiliar territory.  

Guard your drink –  This is for all drinks, including water and soft drinks. Don’t take drinks from others, always get your own, and don’t leave it alone. Drinks are so easy to drug, it is just not worth it trusting others with your drinks.

Be their safe call - I know sometimes children disappoint us. They are sinners just as we are. Be their safe place, remind them that no matter what they can call you. If they do call you impaired or are in any other trouble, don't use this time to lecture or punish. Wait for a better opportunity to talk to them about the issue. Have a special secret code they can use if they need you.  I love this X-Plan at - it's a great way to get your teens out of uncomfortable situations.

Know escape routes and hiding places – You never know when you need to get out quickly. Go over exit strategies with your children in case of a fire or a live shooter situation. 

Hang out with good people – This may sound like a given but encourage your children (and start young) about the kinds of friends they want to hang out with.  Teach them about looking for friends they can trust!

Most of all, you want to teach your children the power of prayer. Hopefully this is something started when they are very young.  We need to remind our teens they can call on the Lord anytime and that HE is always there for them.  

Teach safety as they grow up in your home and it will become more second nature when they are teens. There are no guarantees in life, we can do all the right things and still have tragedy or hard things happen,but teaching about safety can't hurt, and can be an asset to your teens lives. 

What would you add?


Angela Richter

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