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5 Reasons Why You May Want to DITCH Spring Cleaning

5 Reasons Why You May Want to DITCH Spring Cleaning

Do you love the feeling of an organized home, cleaned from top to bottom? Us too! Spring cleaning is upon us, but some years, you need to know it's ok to let it pass by.

I am one of those people who truly thrives on order and organization.

Decluttering or purging what we own, writing up detailed plans and lists to benefit the family, and completing many other home management hacks simply makes me happy!

Yet after two decades of mothering, I realize how this organizational joy-gift turned against me.

There are past seasons and days I wish my motivation had turned me to REST from doing more. Sometimes, I gave way too much focus and energy keeping things organized and neat when I honestly needed (and wanted) a break from it all.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar spot.

DITCH Spring Cleaning?

True, it’s time to prepare for a new season.  But...what if this year feels differently?  

Here are five reasons to consider ditching a plan to upend your life and home for a full clean out.

You’re in transition.  

Oh Mamas, we often forget to honor our seasons of change. If you or your family experienced recent transitions, or you anticipate one soon, cutting corners may just be the ticket.

Save decluttering and cleaning for another time -- and yes, there will be another time.  If moving is your transition, deep cleaning will happen anyway.  But if not, maybe wait.

Your house is ‘clean enough’.

I clearly remember one year when I gathered the children for spring cleaning week (insert major groans here from said children).  

After about two hours of vacuuming under couch cushions, cleaning baseboards, and wiping out drawers, the oldest said -- ‘the house isn’t even really that dirty Mom!’


Consider this friend: you can simply allow this year to slide by... things feel clean enough for you right now.

You feel pressured.

Trying to please a Pinterest persona or blogging personality?  I’ve been there before.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but we can definitely experience this internal crazy pressure to perform like our favorite YouTuber or blogger.  Our motivation isn’t based on our own reality or family needs, but the pressure inside.

Release yourself!  Pause to examine how what you watch or read might fit for you or not.  Be inspired, but don’t be intimidated.

You don’t have the energy.

Notice I did not mention time.  You may have the time...but do you have the energy?  

If you think less of how to manage your time, and more about managing your energy in this current season, it could help determine whether totally gutting the house for cleaning feels wise or not.  

The good thing about energy?  

Unlike time, we can often find ways to increase it.  We can also choose to wait until we feel well enough and energetic enough again.

You need to simplify.

Spring cleaning is certainly not simple. Even if broken down into steps over time, organizing afresh and purging through our possessions consumes energy...and focus.

Maybe you’re in a season where something needs to go. Now.  

If prioritizing other obligations over organizing more brings a sigh of relief, then do it.

: :

Definitely, I am not knocking a good spring cleaning.  I love it just as much as all the YouTubers I actually make time to watch.

I only encourage you to do what works right now.

The house can wait.






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