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10 Mom-Goals To Reach This Summer

10 Mom-Goals To Reach This Summer

Does it feel like summer is slipping through your fingers without a lot getting done? Don't let this season pass you by without setting a few goals that you can accomplish before autumn arrives- there is still time to build these life giving ideas into your summer schedule!

Ever since I was in high school, I would set these ridiculous goals for my summer. 

    •    Get fit

    •    Make a bunch of money

    •    Reorganize all of my belongings

    •    Read a gazillion books

    •    etc. etc.

Things don't change much! As a homeschooling mom, I know the summer is my "golden time" for getting stuff done, and I admit, I still make some lengthy lists around June of all the things I'd like to accomplish in these short months. Maybe you are the same way?

If you're looking at the calendar watching summer dwindle away (sad!), I encourage you to set a few goals for the remaining season. Here are a few I suggest.

    1    Choose a space in your home to beautify. I got on the "Kon-Mari" decluttering train (here is my review) and that has been very helpful in eliminating excess. As I've finished that, I've been adding some decorations to our home. One thing I'm loving is more Scripture prints to our walls!

    2    Spend some time doing nothing with your kids. Because what is summer for, after all?

    3    Take advantage of the free time to implement a good chore routine. I've been sharing our chore charts on my Instagram feed.

    4    Have a planning day. I love my planning days! I recommend doing this closer to the fall, so you can meditate on the changes you'd like to make for the coming school year.

    5    Have a Family Day. Don't let the summer pass without doing this! We just had our first annual and it was awesome!

    6    Break your iPhone addiction. Or, at least, put it away for a good chunk of time. I have no-screen Sundays and they are the best!

    7    Take everyone to the doctor and dentist. I know, I know...Boring! But good to check off the list!

    8    Read a good book. This is the one I'm loving this summer.

    9    Make plans for the kids at home next fall. Because I'm homeschooling, I'll obviously plan for all of mine. But even if you "just" have little ones home - what about a plan for their year? What skills do you want to work on? What new activities could you introduce? I'll make some "tot trays" for my toddler, and round up some more manipulatives for her to play with. What skills do you want to work on in your little one? Make a plan!

10. Have a getaway with your husband. It doesn't have to be much - maybe even a date night is a new, exciting thing for you these days! (I feel the same way!) But make it a priority to snag some time with your man. I never regret it!

Do you have a summer bucket list? What's on it?


Jessica Smartt

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