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For The Mom Who's Dreading Summer Break...

For The Mom Who's Dreading Summer Break...

Are you nervous about the summer? Overwhelmed planning activities and new rhythms? Today, make a plan to maximize this sweet season with your kids!

Summer is wonderful and all...but I've overheard a few friends say recently, "What are we going to DO all three months?? How can we keep these kids busy?"

I homeschool my kids, so I have them home with me ALL THE TIME! But I know exactly what these moms mean! The freedom of summer is magical...until it's 157 degrees outside, and your kids are standing on their heads, hitting each other with pillows, and whining for snacks.

(Not that any of this has happened at my house.)

Summer has its challenges, but I feel passionately that counting down the days until September is no way to live! We are blessed to have our little ones with us, under our roof, for such a brief time. I think it's so important to maximize that time. 

I struggle too with the freedom of the summer days. There comes a point when the novelty has worn off. The family vacation has come and gone, the pool water feels like bath water, and everyone has gotten on each other's blessed nerves too many can all start to feel a little cooped up!

Of course, there's no perfect solution. But I believe that STARTING OFF THE SUMMER RIGHT, with a few simple tweaks and changes from the norm, can make a huge difference in everyone's happiness. 

It's amazing the difference a few simple changes can make. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Set a summer routine for your mornings
  • Have a plan for those moments when your kids are at each other's throats!
  • Know productive indoor activities for hot or rainy inside days
  • And of course, know how to get your kids to work without whining!

Are you feeling ready for summer break? What are your best tips for maximizing the summer days with your kids?


Jessica Smartt

If you want suggestions for fun, independent activities kids can do that are tech-free...

If you want to implement some chores, but not sure how to begin...

If you want to make special memories this summer, and bond with your kids (instead of just counting down the days!)...

I'd love to invite you into my SECRETS TO SURVIVING THE SUMMER BOOTCAMP for moms! 

The Secrets To Surviving The Summer Bootcamp begins May 15. I'd love to see you there!

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