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How To Have A  "Family Day" This Summer

How To Have A "Family Day" This Summer

What memories and traditions will YOUR children remember this summer? These moments  are the glue that hold families together, but they can be much more simple to create than you might imagine! Here's our idea for a family day that will stick with your kids for years to come!

I'm a big fan of the simple things in life. I've always said our kids don't need magical moments - they need a simple carefree life.


I realized I was missing something. Recently I was reading Sally Clarkson's homeschooling book, Educating the Whole-Hearted Child, and it hit me:

Memories and traditions are the glue that holds a childhood together.

Think about it - what are your most treasured memories about your family?

When I think back to my own childhood, the moments I remember most? Honestly? The family vacations (mishaps and all). The huge Thanksgivings together. The special birthday dinner my parents took me own, just me.

It's the "special days" I treasure as memories.

Don't get me wrong: the daily "boring" stuff was so important - because it made me who I am! But those special traditions - they are what I cling to in my memories!

I have resolved that I want to interject purposeful, meaningful, special, out-of-the-norm memories into my children's lives. Not just because "everyone else is doing it," but to bless our children with traditions they will hold near and remember.

Summer is a great time for this, of course!

My friend does the coolest thing with her family. They call it "Clark Family Day." (For their last name.) You can read all of the details here, but this is the basic gist.

  • The day includes a new-to-us, special, never-been-done-before activity.
  • Meals are planned and special.
  • There's a talent show, and annual awards are given to the kids.
  • The whole day is just to celebrate the family - your immediate family.

I wish I had thought of this idea earlier, but it's not too late to start! We will be having our own "Smartt Family Day" this year. The first annual!

Traditions like these, I believe, are what makes your family so special. And they also give our kids memories to treasure for years to come!

*Read "Family Day: The Holiday Your Family Is Missing Out On" for all the information you need to host a family day.

Have you ever had a "family day"? What traditions does your family uphold?


Jessica Smartt


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