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5 Ways for Mom to Relieve Stress

5 Ways for Mom to Relieve Stress

The wonder of the Christmas season can often mean increased stress for moms. Are you feeling it? These stress reducers will help you breathe easy and ready to get back to caring for those you love.

The holiday are among us and even if we really love them, often stress can accompany them.  It could be financial, dealing with extended family members or just the hustle and bustle. 

As moms we will will often experience stressful times in our family life and in parenting.   No matter how much you enjoy being a mom there are going to be stressful days with it!   Sometimes stress can even come during the greatest moments of your life!  Big events, pregnancy,  and even your son’s first t-ball game!  When we get through stressful events it usually grows us like nothing else and we become stronger in the process, however when we are are in the midst of it, it won't feel like a blessing. 

Although we can't always rid ourselves of stressful times we can do some things to help!

Here are 5 ways to relieve stress

5 Ways for Mom to Relieve Stress! 

1. Prayer & Time in the Word - I know that sometime when we get stressed out or have loads of anxiety spending time in the Word and in prayer can seem like a unrealistic answer to our issue.  However as believers it really should be the first place we run!  God cares about every single thing in our lives rather they be large or small.  I can't tell you how often I was so full of anxiety and spending time alone with the Lord gave me peace.  1 Peter 5:7 reminds us: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  He cares so much for you and HE wants you to run to him in times of stress.

2. Hobby/Passion – A hobby or passion can really help you with stress!  Maybe it is working on a craft or scrapbook or planting in your garden!  Everyone has things they love to do that help them relax-find your sweet spot and just get lost in it for a while!  Sometimes you just need to escape!  You will come back ready to face being a mom again!

3. Chocolate – When all else fails, call on some chocolate!    I know what your thinking!  Emotional eating can be bad and you’re are right, it can be but did you know dark chocolate is actually good for you?  If you add it to fruit such as strawberries (it can be even better for you) , studies show it can actually reduce stress!  Sometimes we need to just relax and indulge.

4. Exercise – Some people love to exercise and others hate it!  I tend to lean more toward the hate side but you know, I have to admit, when I do it I feel better!  There have been times where I have felt so stressed out about something and I go for a walk and I come back a new person.  It really does help!  Find an exercise you enjoy!  It doesn’t have to be a full membership to a gym, it can be walking, swimming, or a exercise class.  Just find something and try it when you are stressed, it really does clear your head!

5. Natural Stress Relievers – There are so many natural stress relievers now.   There are tablets, essential oils, massage oils, and even things to add to the bath, These things can really help you stress less, stay calm and in control.  A tub bath, massage, or even a night out with friends can help you in so many ways and is a natural way to relieve stress.  Nothing calms me down like a hot bath with a book and a candle.  It is a little piece of quiet time for me to pray, relax, and even plan.  

I know so many moms who feel guilt taking time for themselves but there is a place for it.   I know sometimes we feel this way because we have become a "too much me" culture but there can be a healthy balance.   If we don't find ways to relax and relieve stress, we will burn out and then life gets really crazy and everyone around us suffers.    Every human being needs time to refresh and relax.  Sometimes the best way to find this time is to schedule it.  If you have younger children ask your husband for help ,schedule a sitter or do an earlier bedtime with the kids.  You have to be intentional in finding ways to make your time work!  Trust me, it will be worth it!

How do you relieve stress?


Angela , Together with Family

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