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He Chose The One Thing That Is Needful

one thing I was making my morning rounds, straightening the cushions on the couch, gathering shoes that had been left by the front door, picking up an empty glass off the coffee table.

I made my way back to my son's room, and was greeted by an unmade bed, and clothes on the floor. I grumbled to myself, vowing to have a "little talk" with him when he got home from school.

Caleb is in college, lives at home, and has to leave early to make it to class. The only thing I ask of him is that he keep his room picked up, and do his own laundry. He is 19 years old. Surely he could do THAT! I entered his room to pick the wet towel up off the floor. That's when I saw it...

On the bed lay an open Bible, a notebook, and a Bible reading plan. I stood there, wet towel in hand, and stared at the unmade bed covered with those life giving books. My irritation began to fade, and my heart began to soften, as I sensed God telling me not to say a word to my boy about his room that day.

In that moment I knew that my son had done the best he could that day. He had chosen the one thing that is needful. (Luke 10:42). The bed could be made later. He chose to be in the Word. Somehow his messy room didn't even seem to matter to me anymore. I was so grateful to see the evidence of God doing a work in the heart of my son. The boy who had hated going to church, who seemed to always asked the question "why?", that same boy is now choosing to seek after God, and has grown into a sensitive young man.

My mother's heart soared!

It's never too early to begin to lay a foundation for your children, teaching them the importance of seeking Him first, and being in the Word every day. But it wont happen over night. God has been doing a work in my almost 20 year old son's heart over the years, and I didn't always see evidence of that work. There were times I became discouraged and fearful, but God was working.

He is always working!

*Those early mornings when he was little, and I would try to have a quiet time only to be met with constant interruptions of little one's and their needs...

*Day after day, having family bible time and wondering if they were listening. Wondering if it was even worth the effort, when at times we would spend the much of the time correcting him or trying to get him to pay attention!

*The time spent looking for age appropriate devotionals, books, or anything that might spark his interest, only to have him give us the "blank stare" when we would give it to him!

*In his teen years, encouraging him, yet not forcing him to have time in the word. Reminding him how important it is. Wondering if he was "getting it".

And the oh, so many prayers!.

And then one day you start to notice a change. A softening. A spark! They begin to choose the one thing that is needful, and God gives you a glimpse of what He has been doing. You realize that, although you have tried to be faithful in training those precious children, God has been busy doing His work in their hearts.

Your mother's heart soars, and you give thanks!

Dear faithful moms, don't grow weary in doing your part! Pray faithfully! I promise, God is working.

He is always working!





Gina Smith has been married to Brian for 25 years, and has been a mom for 23 years. Her husband and children have been her greatest gifts! Even though she has entered a new season of life, her children do still need her, and she is thrilled about that! Gina has served alongside her husband at a small Christian college right outside of Washington DC for almost 20 years. After homeschooling both of her children, she was able to serve as the Dean of Women at the college. Being a mom has been the most wonderful, terrifying, exciting, challenging, satisfying, exhausting, heart wrenching, and heart warming adventure and calling of her life. Now that her children are both grown, she fully enjoys her calling to mentor young women in person, and on-line with her blog "Real Life Titus Two". You can find Gina at her blog, on facebook, twitter and Pinterest

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