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The Waiting Room

waiting room (1)(1)We sit side by side. Staring blankly. Waiting for our name to be called. The room is full of people, but nobody speaks. Nobody acknowledges each other.  The stale, cold mood changed as soon as she enters the room. An elderly woman with white hair.  She speaks in a thick, European accent. She walks slowly around the room.  A woman on a mission. She has lost her sunglasses!

"Excuse me." she says "I left my dark glasses somewhere and I wonder if they are under your chair." She makes her way around the room and everyone quietly accommodates her. "Oh no. Where are they?" After looking around the waiting room she slowly hobbles to the receptionist. "Did anyone find my dark glasses?" she asks

"No. I'm sorry. I don't see any." Replies the receptionist.

"I don't know where they could be. Maybe they are in the car. Oh, dear!"  she says.

"Well, I hope you find them." the sympathetic receptionist replies.

Suddenly we hear a voice. "Are these yoursSomeone left them here." A young man who works at the front desk holds up a pair of sunglasses. The woman eagerly walks over, grabs the glasses, looks at them intently and says, "Yes! These are my dark glasses!"

Then she lifts them up over her head and exclaims," AHHHH! TRIUMPH!!!"

I was so happy she had found those glasses! That precious elderly woman with white hair and a thick European accent had captivated me! She had completely drawn me into her personal crisis!

I don't know about the other people in the room, but when she found those glasses I wanted to stand up and applaud!  I wanted to hug someone!  I wanted to rejoice with her! They had been lost. Now they were found. Her day had been made.  My day had been made!

As I watched this scenario unfold I knew that I would write about it! I knew I would share it. I love the ordinary drama of life and how God uses it to remind me. Teach me. Challenge me. Giving me more of a heart for others and Himself.

We are in waiting room.

On a daily basis we pray for our children. We pray that He would captivate their hearts. That they would be totally yielded. We pray for those who are lost…for the victims…and the fighters. We pray that God would draw them to Himself. That He would relentlessly pursue them until they are found.

Like the woman who lost one of  her ten silver coins and lights a lamp and sweeps her house until she finds it, rejoicing when she does. (Luke 15:8-10) The Shepherd who left 99 sheep to go find the one lost one and rescued it.  (Mathew 18:12-14), and the elderly woman who wouldn't stop looking for her sunglasses (last week at the doctors office!). I pray that God will  not stop pursuing them. I pray that the lost would be found.

Loss.  Searching . REJOICING!

And as we pray and quietly wait, remembering that God is always at work even when we can't see it, we are completely captivated and drawn in! God  gives  us a heart…a mother’s heart…for these precious people that we raise, and are praying for. We anticipate the day when we will see them fully His! When those whom we have raised are completely grown, and completely His.  And when it happens, we will stand up and applaud! We will celebrate!

We will join the Father, and other rejoicing families, and we will applaud!

 And we will all exclaim, "AHHHHH! TRIUMPH!"






Gina Smith has been married to Brian for 25 years, and has been a mom for 23 years. Her husband and children have been her greatest gifts! Even though she has entered a new season of life, her children do still need her, and she is thrilled about that! Gina has served alongside her husband at a small Christian college right outside of Washington DC for almost 20 years. After homeschooling both of her children, she was able to serve as the Dean of Women at the college. Being a mom has been the most wonderful, terrifying, exciting, challenging, satisfying, exhausting, heart wrenching, and heart warming adventure and calling of her life. Now that her children are both grown, she fully enjoys her calling to mentor young women in person, and on-line with her blog “Real Life Titus Two”. You can find Gina at her blog, on facebook, twitter and Pinterest

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