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Don't Look Back Too Much

kids growing up1 When they tell you as a young mom that the years will go by quick and your kids will grow up in a blink of an eye, believe it!  It is SO true!  I truly can't believe my oldest will be entering the high school years in our homeschool! My two youngest children are soon to be 11 and 9 and I no longer have little ones at my feet, hanging on my legs.

Some days I can't believe I'm approaching 40 and am now considered an "older mom".  Really?  This happened FAST!  It seems just like yesterday I was bringing my babies home from the hospital. As I look at the screensaver on my computer with all the years of pictures popping up, the memories seem to be so fresh in my mind and heart.

It is easy to look at the years past and feel a little sadness. We are human and that is going to happen but I want to encourage you today that if you are approaching "the older mom" stage to not look back. Don't spend so much time looking back that you miss appreciating the tween and teen stage of your kids or even the young adult stage where you really become friends.  Every single stage of parenting brings something new and something wonderful.

There will always be things you wish you would have done different and mistakes you wish you wouldn't have made.  Thank God for the cross (where mistakes are washed away) and let that give you peace to go forward in love and forgiveness.  Let that allow you to enjoy the stage you are in and the stages you have to look forward to.

For me there are so many things I'm enjoying about this time with my kids.

I don't have to worry about nap time!  We can go places without worrying about the schedules so much.

Seeing my children's independence shine!

Using the bathroom in TOTAL PRIVATE (no more little fingers under the door....of course I also miss this)

My children are developing their own spiritual walk (so great to watch them grow in the Lord)

No strollers and diaper bags to drag along

School time flows easier (of course we still have sibling fighting at times)

Going to church service or even a movie or an event is easier.  The kids are old enough to sit still and really take in the event.  Then we get to have great discussions about it on the way home.  I love this!

Conversations-this one is my favorite!  As our children grow we get to have some great conversations with our kids!  We get to teach them wisdom and share life experiences with them more.  This is a KEY factor in connecting with your kids!

I don't want to leave you with the impression I didn't enjoy the baby years.  I LOVED them and often miss them but I'm also learning to be content just where I am and where my family is now.  As I get older  I'm learning to soak it all in a little more because I know that this stage will also be gone in a blink of an eye and I don't want to miss a minute!

What about you?  What are you appreciating in the stage of parenting you are in right now?


Angela, Mom with Heart

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