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Seeking Christmas-Finding the Real Meaning Through Family Tradition{Giveaway}


The fall season is here and just around the corner we will be in the Christmas season!  I love Christmas, I have always loved it!  I love the beautiful lights, homemade cookies, and even the cold weather.  As a Christian mom I love even more the real reason for the celebration!  I love to celebrate my Saviors birth-that night long ago where God sent his only son  to teach, to heal and to ultimately die for all of us!  It is so important for me as a mom to get the real meaning of Christmas into my kid's hearts.

Do you wonder if the commercialization or hectic pace of the Christmas season is making it harder each year to celebrate what really matters? Do you wonder if the real message of Christmas is getting lost in the shuffle between parties, gift exchanges, and pageants?

Seeking Christmas is a series of family devotions and guided, hands-on activities that give your family meaningful traditions, rich experiences, and treasured memories.

More than just another Christmas devotion, Seeking Christmas is an experience. One that will grow with your family, that you will treasure for generations to come.

Seek the true meaning of Christmas, find the gift that is waiting to be unwrapped by you.

Renee Robinson has a book out called Seeking Christmas-Finding the Real Meaning Through Family Tradition.  This book will take you through the Christmas season with fun, family ideas to bring new traditions that bring out the real reason for the season.  I love the simple hands on ideas!  I'm a very busy mom who often has started fun things with the kids at the holiday time only to quit them after getting overwhelmed.  This book does NOT overwhelm you and I love that!

The days are broken up into 5 categories.

Remember-Where you can share special memories you had as a child or read the authors or both!

Read-This is where the passage comes in from The Christmas Story

Reflect-This is where you talk about the passage in more detail and where you can ask questions  (my favorite part is she breaks this down by ages!  So you can ask your children questions based on their age or level)

Research-Something to look for this Christmas season, this gives the kids a challenge or the history  and a practical way to remember the story.

Rejoice-This is where you will have practical ideas, crafts, recipes, and more to put together!  Very doable projects!!!

I am looking foward to reading this book this Christmas season with my family.  It gives me a way to teach the Christmas story with hands on practical tips and projects that I know they are going to love!!

When you purchase this book, you are helping to change the life of an orphan. 10% of author royalties are donated to organizations that reach out to change an orphan’s life.

You can buy the book on amazon!  You can read more about the author at her blog at

We have three copies of Seeking Christmas to giveaway to 3 readers.  To enter join the rafflecopter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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