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Full Body Functional Mom Workout! {FREE Printable} & Better Mom Monday's Link-up!!

At a very base level we should all be taking care of ourselves so that we can function without much problem with our family! If you are anything like me, you wake up and run full speed all day long, lifting, sitting, pushing, turning and so on! I hear from many women who say that they struggle with doing basic functions around the house such as getting up and down from the tub, going up the stairs with a laundry basket, or hauling in 3 bags of groceries. Yikes! I want to give you an exercise routine that you can do a few times a week to help you function a little better! Combine this with some other cardio 2 times a week (such as walking, running, elliptical, zumba), fill yourself with foods that have a lot of nutrient density and are "clean", and watch your energy levels and functionality increase!


Here is a free printable that you can print off to keep near your workout stuff, but be sure to read the full descriptions below!

Full Body Functional Mom Workout (FREE Printable) Workout

1.) Get Down, Get Up

If you are a mom, especially to little ones, you are down on the floor...a lot! Whether you are playing with the kids on the floor, or sitting next to the bathtub, sitting down, then standing up (usually with something in your hands!) is a big part of your day. This exercise will get your body used to doing just that. Adjust the weight as needed and work your way up in reps if you can't do as many as suggested!

Exercise: The Surrender

Grab one set of weights with one in each hand. Raise both hands in the air as you drop one knee to the ground, then the other knee. (See A below) Take one leg up as you start to stand, and then the other. (See B) Repeat. Do all reps on one side, then do the other side. Do 8-10 each leg. (See a video demo of this move here)


2.) Balancing Act

You know what it's like. Put the car in park, grab your purse, grab a Target bag, grab a diaper bag, and then grab a kid! For whatever reason, we like to load up those hips and arms! We need to be able to balance ourselves while we have weight in our hands.

Exercise: Bulgarian Split Squat 

Don't let the name scare you! Get near a bench, chair, or step with 2 weights. Place one leg behind you on the bench (See A) Squat down and come back up. Keep tall and make sure the knee doesn't extend over the toe. Do all reps on one side then switch. Do 8-10 each leg.


3.) Push & Pull

You push a stroller. You push a grocery cart with one--or two--or three kids--and your laundry detergent, 24 pack of water, and groceries. Strong arms will help us out in all these areas!

The Exercise: Push-Up Variation

Go to the floor. Place your knees to the ground (not shown) for a modification or keep them up to make it harder. Drop down and come back up. To try something different, do a traveling push-up where one arm comes to the side, but close to the body. "Travel" to the middle and switch to the other side, alternating sides. Do 8-10 reps.


4.) Reach & Grab

Maybe it's because I'm only 5'4", but I am always reaching up and grabbing or cleaning things! My arms are above my head a lot and I use my tip toes to get higher many times through the day.

The Exercise: Step-Up Press

Get near a bench, chair, or step with 1 weight. Step up on the bench while you press up with the opposite hand. Step down and repeat. Do all sets on one side and then switch sides! Keep tall as you do this exercise and press through the heel as you step up! 8-10 step ups each side.


5.) Take A Seat

That's right. You sit a lot, right? I do. I hug kids, kiss boo boos, watch tv, and *gasp* catch up on facebook. Many of us have poor posture which then affects other areas of our bodies. You can do something about this!

The Exercise: Pelvic Tilt

Lay on the floor and place both hands beside you. (a) Lift the pelvis slightly up, as you press the lower back down to the mat. Draw the abs in and down as you do this. Drop the rear down as your lower back opens up a little, to starting position. Repeat up and down. Make sure to breathe through this and really focus on the abs!


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Be sure to check out my site for free exercise videos, printables, healthy recipes, and fitspiration!

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