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Home Friendly 15 Minute Full Body Routine! & Better Mom Monday's Link-up!!

There are days when you don't have time to spend more than 15 minutes on a workout and let's be honest, there are days when you have no DESIRE to spend more than 15 minutes on a workout. I took a few exercises from a feature on my blog called "New Move Monday" and put together a basic routine. This full body routine will build upper body, lower body, core, and heart strength! (Click on the exercise below to take you to full exercise description and ways to modify or make it more advanced!) You will need a set of weights and some space around you to move!

Home-Friendly 15 Minute Full Body Workout  |

Warm-up for 1 minute. Then do 10-12 reps of each exercise. Rest 10-15 seconds in between each one and then quickly move to the next exercise. The "cardio burst" will be done for 1 minute.epeat the circuit through starting with #2 and go until the 15 minutes are done!

Exercise Explanations:

Warm-Up: High Knee March or Jog in Pace

This is your warmup so make big movements! Turn on some music to get the body going!

1.) Alternating Punches (with weights)

Stand with legs hip width apart. Grab a set of dumbells and punch them in front of you. Be sure to alternate which hand is on top. When the arms come out beside you, be sure to squeeze.

Alternating Punches |

2.) Alternating Lunge (with weights)

Grab a weight in each hand. Lunge forward with the right leg and then bring it back to starting position. Lunge forward with the left leg and bring it back to starting position. Repeat, alternating right and left. Be sure to stay tall and not to hunch over!

3.) Plank Shoulder Taps

(I know the picture shows me pregnant, but of course you can do them without being pregnant!) Get on all 4′s on the ground. Lift your knees up (or keep them to the floor to modify). Tap the left shoulder with the right hand then put the right hand on the ground. Then take your left hand and tap your right shoulder. Repeat. Try to minimize movement in the whole body while tapping. Yes, you will move side to side a bit, but try to control and keep centered, with your hips facing the ground. Keep tension away from your head and neck and breathe!

Plank Shoulder Taps |

4.) Bent Leg Crunch

Start laying on your back. Cross one foot over the knee. Place both hands behind your head and keep your elbows wide. Do a crunch up and down. Do all reps on one side, then switch feet and do the reps on that side.

Bent Leg Crunch |

5.) Cardio Burst

You can mute the video, or not use the video at all!




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