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The "Everyday Household Item" Workout {FREE Printable}

I hear from a lot of women who tell me that they don't have access to a gym. They also don't have the money to spend to build one at their home! This puts them in a rough spot since they know exercising is important, yet don't have the resources to do it. Well, I have a solution for you! Everyday household items!! Here are some options of what you can use at home to get that workout in! (And be very resourceful!)

1.) Laundry detergent bottle (or milk jug) in place of Weights

I purchased a very large bottle of laundry detergent the other day and as I was walking out of the store with it, thought that it weighed much more than any amount of weights I had been lifting!! :) Rinse out your bottle and fill it back up with water to the desired weight. (You could also try something like sand or small pebbles!) Make sure that cap is on tight and pump that, uh...plastic!!

2.) Bathroom Towel in place of Exercise Band

Take a regular sized bathroom (or beach) towel and roll it up. You can do a lot of really effective core exercises with it!

3.) Your Kids in place of Weights

Depending on the age of your kid, you have anywhere from an extra 10-60 pounds of heaving you can do! I pop them on my back and squat, or lay on the floor and press them in the air, or grab their ankles and lift them behind my head! They are ready-made and usually ready for some crazy fun!!

4.) Carpet Squares (or large plastic yogurt lids) in place of Gliding Discs

Go to your basement and check to see if you have some spare remnants of carpet. Cut off a few squares and start sliding away! I have a few exercises using them on my blog, but you can do quite a bit with them on a laminated, tiled or wood floor!

5.) Kid's Gym Ball in place of a Pilates Ball

I love using a ball to really concentrate on the core! They are great for working your balance and also isolating your rear end!

6.) Stairs in place of an aerobic step or bench

There are endless amounts of things to do off a stairstep. I use it for cardio bursts, core exercises, and strengthening (another) exercises.


Here is a routine that I created using some of these items, (With a FREE Printable!!) giving you a full body strength workout! Have fun!

Do 2-3 Sets of 10-12 Repetitions for each exercise

1. Lat Row with Lunge

Grab laundry detergent or milk jug with one hand. Take the other side leg and place in a lunge position. Rest that same side hand on the thigh. Lunge down while dropping the detergent to the floor, raise back up and bring the detergent up beside you. (Bend elbow) Repeat. Be sure to switch sides!

2. Leg Slide-Outs

Take carpet squares or large yogurt lids and place one at each foot. Crouch down slightly into a seated position. Hold that position as you slide the carpet square out to the side, then bring it back in. Repeat on the same side. Stay crouched the whole time! Try not to bend forward at the waist. (Think, tall from the hips on up) Be sure to switch sides.

3. Shoulder Bridge with Press

Get on your back with the ball and detergent. Place the ball between your knees. Lift your rear end up to the ceiling as you pres the detergent straight to the air from your chest. You can come back down, OR while keeping the rear end lifted, extend the arms behind you and then back up. Drop down. Repeat. Be sure to SQUEEZE the ball between the knees when you can! You can even add some pulsing at the top of the bridge hold.

4. Bicycle

Lay on your back with a rolled up towel. Take the towel at each end and raise it above your head. Lift your chest as you lift your legs out. Extend your left leg out while keeping your right leg bent. Turn towards the right while holding the towel high above your head. Now switch legs and way that you are turned. Repeat. To MODIFY: Keep the back to the ground and raise the legs even higher.

5. Back Extension

Go onto your belly with the rolled up towel. Grab the towel at each end and raise up in your chest. Lift your lower body, too. Now, draw the arms down, then raise them back up all while keeping the legs lifted. Imagine that your belly is planted to the ground and is keeping you stable. Repeat. To MODIFY: Keep the legs to the ground and don't raise up as high with your chest.

6. Mountain Climbers (Cardio Burst!)

I love little cardio bursts in workouts and here is a great one. Go to all 4's on the floor. Take the carpet squares or yogurt lids and place one at each foot. Straighten out your arms and extend your  legs straight behind you. Bring your left knee to your chest, then return it. Bring your right knee to your chest, then return it. Repeat as quick as you can. To MODIFY: Go onto your elbows instead of a straight arm and move the legs slower! Do this for 10-30 seconds!


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