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Hi friend! I am so glad you have stopped by the site. We have such a wonderful community of moms here and we would LOVE for you to join us as we share life and learn together!

My friends know that when I find a deal, I love to share it! Just ask them. As soon as you tell me you like my outfit, I am telling you where I got each piece and how much it cost. Honestly I didn't even realize I did that until someone pointed it out to me. Apparently it was just my natural response. So I guess it is true...I love a deal! All that to say you will surely understand why I am so so so excited to tell you about a FANTASTIC opportunity coming next week!

The ULTIMATE Homemaking eBook Bundle! Over 97 eBooks & eCourses for only $29.97!

Mark your calendars because starting Monday April 29 and for 6 days only, more than 75 widely-known bloggers and authors in the homemaking sphere have joined together to offer 97 of their most popular eBooks and eCourses, valued at just over $600, for the incredibly low price of $29.97! 

I have personally had a chance to peruse many of the eBooks in this collection and I have to concur that you will not find a more comprehensive collection of high quality and useful content to encourage, equip, and inspire you in your role as a mom and homemaker.

Here are just a few examples (remember there are over 97!) of the great resources included in this bundle....

A Homemaking Library for Under $30!?!?

For only $29.97, you gain access to every single one of the 97 resources, so that you can customize your own collection to contain exactly the ones you want and know you'll use.

This library of homemaking helps include topics such as mothering, organization and cleaning, recipes and kitchen helps, home education, spiritual growth for both moms and kids, home décor and DIY, pregnancy and baby care, frugal living, health and fitness, and even work-from-home and financial tools.

As an added goodie, we’ve also teamed up with 10 companies to bring you over $140 in bonus offers, giving you an affordable opportunity to get products you’ll use and love for only the cost of shipping, or in some cases, entirely for free!

You will probably never see this collection of books for this price ever again.  So whether you buy this for gifts or for your own collection, don’t miss out.  The sale only lasts for 6 days, from Monday, April 29th to Saturday, May 4th.  

Stay tuned for Monday April 29th............


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