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grace for those days 2Today was a day in which nothing went right.

My toddler was grumpy, the kids napped at opposite times giving me minimal down time. For some reason my son felt like ALL the toys needed to be out and in the middle of the living room at the same time. We had appointments to get to, cancellations, planning and re-planning all with crying children and a weary mommy.

Today was a day that I wanted to curl up under a blanket and just be still for awhile, but with a 2 year old and a baby underfoot such calmness is impossible during the day.

Fed up. Exhausted. Wanting to cry and quit, just for today. In desperate need of a mommy vacation. This was my day.

Instead of rest, I got more tantrums and a baby who broke out in a fever just before she was supposed to go in for her "well" check up at the Dr.. Another cancelled plan. Another stress for mommy.

Then there was laundry to do, dishes that needed washed and a kitchen that smells like rotten garbage. One thing after another after another.

The day that felt like it would never end.

And here I sit at the end of the day. Peace has fallen now that my 2 year old is sleeping silently in his big boy bed. The baby still fights it, but I can tell by her sleepy coos that rest will overtake her shortly.

I take just a moment to breathe. To think about my family, and appreciate them. It is so hard to see beauty in the midst of 3 poop-y diapers in a row and 1 swift kick in the face as you change them. It's hard to appreciate singing songs together as you are asked to sing them 15 times in a row. Sometimes it's hard to joyfully play with a boy who was just throwing a screaming fit and waking up his sister a few  minutes ago.

But as I sit, with the house to myself this evening I can see the imperfect beauty in my day. I can see how God provided for me in the midst of the stressful day, and gave me grace as I struggled to make it through. I can recall the joyful smile of my son as we sang and laughed together.

I will remember today as beautiful, even in the midst of my own worries and shortcomings. I will remember to thank God for the beautiful blessing that my babies are, instead of getting frustrated that my blessings are so rambunctious.

I will try to remember to stop during the day and thank God that, even in the middle of a chaotic day, He is with me and caring for my family.

Yes, today was one of "those" days. But today was also beautiful. We were together and we experienced grace. So at the end of a crazy and chaotic day with my little ones, I find peace, and I prepare to do it all again tomorrow.





Paula and her husband have been married for 4 years. They have 2 lively and rambunctious kiddos Little Man (2) and The Princess (6 mos). Paula is blessed to be able to stay home with the kids all day while her husband works fulltime. Her passions include writing, hot weather, watching her kids giggle and encouraging people. You can find more of Paula's writing at Beauty Through Imperfection where she writes candidly about her life as a young wife and mom.

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