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Mother Letters Ebook & Coupon Code

Mother Letters started as a beautiful gift from a loving husband to his wife.  He wanted to collect letters from moms about motherhood to encourage his wife who was home raising three kids under the age of three.  They did not have any money for presents so he came up with this wonderful idea.  What he didn't expect was the incredible response that he received and the hundreds of letters that came which included letters from authors such as Shannon Lowe, Ann Kroeker and Ann Voskamp.

These letters are beautiful.  They will make you laugh, make you cry and just inspire you!  What I loved the most was they were honest!  They don't just talk about the beauty of motherhood (although there is plenty of that), they also talk about the challenges and hardships. You will find you are not alone in the day to day trials of motherhood.  You really are NOT!  These mothers that wrote these letters remind you of that.  The book also makes you appreciate the true gift that m

otherhood is. That true gift is your child.

This would make a beautiful gift for any mom..  It reaches to every woman that shares the bond of motherhood regardless of what stage you are in and where you are at now.

I was even more excited to see that part of the proceeds from the sale of Mother Letters will be donated to The Mercy House, a maternity house for homeless girls in Kenya.

Amber and Seth Haines, are the curators of Mother Letters.

Buy Mother Letters: Sharing the Mess & Glory e-book PDF for $6.99!  Mother Letters is also available for your Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Mother Letters is offering our readers a coupon code!!  If you buy one you get another copy free to pass on to a mom you want to encourage.   The Code: Buy1Give1.


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