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Towards an Intentional Summer

The laid-back days of summer are fast approaching, and with it opportunity for a memorable season. Often, we experience less-structured routines and a little more breathing room to our days.  I dream of backyard picnics, afternoons at the playground, and weekly farmer's market shopping to enjoy fresh produce all summer.  While we don't yet have significant plans for a  family vacation...

...we'll enjoy day trips, museum runs, overnight get-aways and visiting local attractions.  I know this because we're planning for it.

Not an overwhelming list of summer MUST-DOs or even TO-DOs :: not someone else's plan for their own home, but instead one which feels a bit more organic in nature and fitting to who we are as a family -- right now.

Absolutely, we can be inspired by ideas around us :: I'm confessing to enjoying Pinterest probably a little more than I should!  Maybe your best groove is found when listening to, watching, or taking in the thoughts of others, and then applying to your own situation.  There's certainly nothing wrong with this.

The encouragement today is in the end, when all plans and ideas are laid out, your summer should reflect what will work for you and your family in this current season of life.  I've found it fairly important to apply this simple principle.

When ignored, our days were more stressed and I was overwhelmed and frazzled.  Not the way I'd like to spend my summer, or any of my days!

So consider as you craft your summer:
  • Think memories, not money
  • Think time & togetherness, not tidy schedules
  • Think simplicity, not stressful

As much as possible, anticipate what your summer may (or may not) hold, and center family activities based on true and real needs present.  Maybe there's a long-standing tradition to release for now...

...or a significant need for intentional rest.  Would you like to learn something new or take in different sights and sounds this year?  Take note and consider the heart

-cry of your children and/or spouse, maybe sharing together as a family before some decisions are made.

To assist you in thinking, here's an Intentional Summer planning printable:

 {click on printable or try here to download}


Just a way to jot some ideas, think through plans :: a plan for an intentional summer, full of what will nourish!

May you have a blessed season...

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