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Mom, You're Beautiful {A Tribute on Mother's Day}

In my long short years of motherhood, I've become convinced of one thing:

this journey is one intense, but incredibly wonderful dance.

We sway between accepting our position with considerable confidence, to stumbling across the floor catching our breath, hoping the music will pause.  On top of the world for one season, completely undone in another.

We partner with joy and grief, laughter and mourning, celebration, confusion...contentment.  Our hearts are both elated and crushed in this journey, this dance of staying in step with Creator God in our mothering.

You know what I'm talking about?

But today...we focus not on our missteps, we do not pause to calculate mistakes or recall any failures.  Honest evaluation is all good and needful, but for today we gather around one purpose:

To Celebrate.  For Mom, you're beautiful.

To celebrate...

Every Mom who's journey involves painful circumstances, but who continue on.  Who stand today as a testimony of abundant grace.

The ones who've traveled far or close, gathering different cultures into your arms, into your heart.  Moms housing teenagers to toddlers, perhaps students from other lands, or grandchildren.  For the ones who's better half serves away from home, with responsibility of tending all yours.

We celebrate every Mom who now gives care to parents, who rises extra early or works the night shift.  The SAHM, WAHM, and all anywhere on the spectrum of supporting your family income.

To the ones devoting countless hours of intentional care for a particular or special need, for all who've spent tremendous time and resources on behalf of your children.  Who serve with incredible generosity in your homes, your churches, your world at large.

Every mother who has prayed with intensity, cried in vulnerability.  Who has seen the bottom, but still believes in rising again.

I cannot begin to mention you all, or all the ways in which you reach and shape and minister.  But, we celebrate not only because of our individual accomplishments...

...we also celebrate because as a whole, our mothering echoes the heart-cry of a purposeful and deliberate God.  A God who is over-the-top pleased to find partners in this kingdom dance of shaping souls.  As rocky or difficult as it may become, He joyfully welcomes us -- mistakes and all!  God teaches us to take the dance one step at a time.

And this, my worth celebrating.

Happy Mother's Day.


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