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How Traditions Shape Family & Better Mom Mondays Link-up!

Right about now, we're all headed full-fledged into the swing of holiday schedules and events. There's cooking-baking, Advent-celebrating, choir-singing, picture-taking and so much more in store for us and our families.   I'm not sure if you're looking forward to it all with anticipation or a bit of dread.  It's true, often our schedules are just full and stuffed.  Often, we attempt too much, forgetting ideas can be laid aside for another year.

Often, we expect too much of our kids during the holiday season...forgetting to offer them a slice of serenity as well.  Simply put, we go overboard.

But in all of this buzz, there's really opportunity for meaningful traditions.  Activities that yes take time to plan, but are also filling to the heart of who we are as a family - of who we are as Christians.

So what makes a tradition a tradition?

Borrowing from the book Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper, the author describes traditions as:

a planned habit with significance

a handing down of information, beliefs, worldview

for the Christian, laying up God's words in our own hearts, and passing His word to the next generation

Now doesn't this sound like something we'd like in our holiday festivities?  When we make room to mark seasons and celebrations with events of significance (simple or elaborate), I believe God is given opportunity to grow and shape our families.

Traditions are His idea to begin with.  The Old Testament contains oodles of instructions to God's people on celebrating and remembering goodness.  There's the feast of this and the feast of that -- all intentional and quite detailed;  many times God spoke to exactly what to eat, how to cook it and for how long to celebrate!  God is a big promoter of traditions.

The opportunity for TRUTH to be sealed in the hearts and minds is another benefit of traditions.  Year after year, as we're faithful to repeat and rehearse the faithfulness of God with a simple activity, book or family custom, our children grow more in their understanding.  We grow deeper in our faith.  Our family thrives.

Sure, every holiday and every year will bring its challenges, and we won't always get to do all of our Pinter-fantasic ideas!  This more than okay, there are seasons.  Just don't throw it all out whatever simple way possible, over a moment or over days...find ways to celebrate the goodness of God to you and your family.  Celebrate His goodness over all of time.

Within a simple remembrance, we allow God to shape and grow our families.

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Looking forward to any favorite holiday traditions?   Share some with us!



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