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Exercise While Playing Outside With Your Kids {FREE Printable}

Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations to exercising regularly is finding the time to do it! I have 2 small children at home with me all day so I have to get really creative in getting my exercise done! Now that the weather is getting nicer, my children will be playing outside. Most of the time I'm outside with them and as much as I'd love to sit and read a book or cut coupons, it just doesn't happen. I'm up and down, getting toys, breaking up fights and chasing someone away from the street! Let's maximize the time that we are outside and running around by exercising! I've created the "Swingset Slimmer" workout to help you do this! (These exercises can be done at most swingsets.) Do your best at getting this done. You may not get to all of them, or through all the sets, but something is beneficial! Your kids will probably get a kick out of it too and may try and join you! I know mine do!

(Read through each exercise first before doing. The printable is just a basic reference and is located at the end of the post!)


The "Swingset Slimmer" Workout

(Do each exercise 10-12 reps, 2-3 times through!)

♦ Swing Ab Curls

Put the tops of your feet on top of a swing. Walk your hands out in front of you. (Place a towel underneath you) Keep the shoulders, shoulder-width apart. Draw the legs into the chest and then extend them back to starting position. Repeat.

♦ Pull-Ups

Find a bar and stand underneath it. You can place your hands wider than shoulder width apart with the wrists facing out or bring them in closer with wrists towards your face (chin-up). Lift your body towards the bar and back. Repeat.

♦ Chalk & Squat

OK. This technically isn't done at the swingset but I bet you have a driveway and chalk around! Take a piece of chalk and give yourself a lot of room. Squat down and start writing "A" (or you can do numbers). Stand up and continue with "B", etc. Go halfway through your letters/numbers, then reverse back to starting position. This is a deeper squat, with the legs nice and wide. If this feels uncomfortable in your knees, then opt out!

♦ Swing Bridge & Curl

Lay on the ground (on a towel) with your feet on a swing. Lift your hips up in the air, curl the legs towards your chest, extend them back out, then lay down. Repeat. Don't sink in your hips while they are up and really dig into the heels as you move your legs!

♦ Laying Pole Taps

Find a tree or pole and lay on the ground in front of it. (Use a towel!) Grab the pole behind your head and bring both feet towards the pole. Tap it with the toes then bring the legs down towards the ground (not all the way) but don't overarch your back. Repeat. Be sure to breathe and do this with control!

♦ Jump & Switch

This will be a cardio burst for you! Do this as many times as you want through the routine, even alternating it between exercises. Find a step or use the bottom of the slide. Quickly switch feet (right/left). You can add more of a jump but be sure to land gently!!


Here is your printable!!! Leave any questions or comments below!

Swingset Slimmer Printable

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