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Quick Jump Rope Bodyweight Circuit

'Tis the season for shopping, parties, cleaning, crafts, food and much, much more! If you struggle with getting a workout in during the week, then you REALLY will struggle over the next month! I want to help you out by giving you the "ok" to do short, intense workouts if you must! I created a routine that only uses a jump rope and your body. (If you don't have a jump rope, that's ok! Just pretend that you do!) Grab a stop watch (or use a Tabata timer, such as this one online or one on your smartphone), give yourself some room, jam some music (Jingle Bells, anyone?) and work up a sweat!

You can do this routine 1, 2, or 3 times through depending on how much time you have. One time through will take about 8 minutes!



(Start the whole routine with a jump rope circuit and then remember to add a jump rope circuit in between each circuit! Switch around the type of jump you do. Have fun with it!)

It looks like this: 

Jump Rope (20 seconds) / Rest (10 seconds)

Circuit 1 (2o seconds) / Rest (10 seconds)

Jump Rope (20 seconds) / Rest (10 seconds)

Circuit 2 (20 seconds) / Rest (10 seconds)

Jump Rope (2o seconds) / Rest (10 seconds)

And on, and on!

Exercise Details:

Circuit 1: Forward/Back Lunge (right leg)

Lunge forward with your right leg. Tap center. Lunge to the back. Tap center. Repeat. Keep your chest lifted and do not lean forward!

Circuit 2: Forward/Back Lunge (left leg)

Same as circuit 1, except with your left leg

Circuit 3: Traveling Push-Ups

Go to the floor on your knees. (Go to your toes to make it harder!) Place your hands in regular push-up position, but before you do a push-up, move your left hand to where your right hand is, then shift your right hand further to the side. Your push-up is off to the side a bit. Now, do the same thing as you travel to the left side. Repeat!

Circuit 4: Up Up Down Down Push-Ups

Go to the floor on both forearms. Take your right arm and straighten it, then straighten your left arm. Now, come down on your right forearm, then your left forearm. Now, straighten your left arm, then your right arm. Come down on your left forearm, then your right. Repeat, alternating sides! MODIFICATION: Stay on Knees

Circuit 5: Hop and Squat

Lay the jump rope long-wise on the floor. Stand on one side of it and squat down. Jump high over the rope, then squat down. Jump to the other side and squat. Repeat.

Circuit 6: Back Row Extensions

Lay on the floor and double up the jump rope and grab it with both hands. Place the tops of your feet to the floor. Extend your arms above your head, then draw them back as you squeeze your shoulder blades. DO NOT lift your torso up and down as you do this. Keep it steady!

Circuit 7: Center V Reach

Take the jump rope and lay on the floor. (Double it up) Lift your upper body while holding the jump rope as you lift your lower body. Meet in the middle, then go back down to starting position. You do not need to make a full range of motion, as I don't want your lower back to arch too much!

Circuit 8: Climb the rope

Lay on the floor and lift both legs to the air. Imagine there is a rope hanging from the ceiling as you reach right and left trying to climb it! Reach higher and higher to make it harder!

REMEMBER: Always keep breathing and if at any time you aren't ready to go to the floor, then just take a little more time in between circuits. You will get stronger the more you do this!

Press on!

Clare, Peak 313

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