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5 "Anywhere" Exercises for Busy Moms!

You know what it's like. The alarm goes off. The coffee pot goes on. The kids hit the floor. The breakfast hits the ceiling. The next thing you know, you are crawling into bed checking off everything you DIDN'T get accomplished for the day.

For many moms, one of those things that never gets accomplished is a workout. Whether it's because you hate doing it, you don't belong to a gym, or your time slot got taken up by making a last minute science project, it leaves many of us frustrated when it's not done.

I've got a solution for you! Quick, effective and READILY AVAILABLE exercises! All you need is your body and some space around you.

♦ Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps on each of these (or as many as you can!) 2 or 3 days a week! ♦

1.) Push-Up. I know you don't like them, but they are one of the best full body exercises you can do and since you're short on time, we are looking for efficient, right?! There are about as many varieties of push-ups as there are colors in the rainbow, but I'll keep to the basic push-up for this routine.

Instructions: Get on all 4's on the floor. To modify: Stay on your knees. Place hands a bit further than shoulder-width apart. Keep the chin AWAY from the chest and keep the gaze towards the mat. Drop the body down towards the floor and push back up.


 2.) Plie Squat. This is a twist on the basic squat. I feel a little more "graceful" with this and it targets the inner thighs nicely too!

Instructions: Stand with your legs a little more than hip width apart. Turn your toes away from one another. Keep the chest lifted and the abs nice and taught. Hands rest on the hips. Drop down and up. Focus on squeezing the inner thighs as you lift up.

3.) Burpee. Studies have shown that short bursts of cardio are very effective if you can't get in long bouts of cardio activity. The burpee works the full body and works it hard!

Instructions: While in the standing position, drop down with both hands touching the floor. Extend both legs out behind you. Hop both legs back in and stand up. To modify: Extend one leg out at a time when you drop down to the floor instead of at the same time. For added intensity, jump back up!

4.) Swimming. Many people forget to strengthen and train their lower back, but it is essential to keeping the core tight!

Instructions: Get on the floor on your tummy. Extend your legs and arms out. Gaze is to the floor (the chin is not to the chest) and the abs are nice and tight. Move your arms and legs, simultaneously, in the air as if you were swimming. Keep everything very controlled and smooth.

5.) Fast Flutters. I LOVE this pilates exercise! It will target your hips, rear end and abs (ahem, love handles!)

Instructions: Lay on one side. Hips must be stacked. (Imagine a cup of water resting on the hip) Rest your head on your bent arm. KEEP THE CHEST LIFTED as opposed to sinking (see pictures below). Now quickly flutter the legs back and forth WITHOUT DROPPING THEM. Breathe and keep the flutters smooth and controlled. Be sure to switch sides!!


Press on!


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