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Build Your Perfect Home Gym!

Maybe you don't have the money to spend to join a gym.

Maybe you dislike working out in the presence of other people.

Maybe you don't have the time to drive to get in your workout.

Whatever the reason, a home gym may be the solution for you.


There are a few factors to take into consideration when building a home gym.

Cost: You can spend as little as $50 or thousands. This will be the first factor you should consider

Room: You need to figure out how much room you have. If you want a treadmill, but only have room to lay a yoga mat down and do crunches, you're going to have a problem! Survey your house and go from there

Interest: You may have no interest in kicking or punching at a bag or using DVD's. What are you interested in?

Think of building a gym much like building an ice cream cone! (Yes. I'm giving you an unhealthy analogy. Ironic!) Start with the basics and add on as you need or have money to!

Christmas is coming soon. Put some of these on your list and get to making your own home gym!!!

Start with a scoop of ice cream:

♦ Exercise Ball (size matters: 5'5" and higher 65cm. Shorter than that, 55cm) $10-25

Exercise Band (There are many resistances and lengths. Choose a resistance that is strong enough for you and at least 5 foot long) $5

♦ 2 sets of weights, one heavier and one lighter $15

Exercise Mat (not-padded) $15

DVD's: $10-25

Add some hot fudge:

Bosu Ball $100

Medicine Ball $20-$50

Pilates Ball $10-$15

Kettle Bells $10-$50

Gliding Discs $25

Body Bar $20-$80

Jump Rope: $5-$15

Exercise "on-demand" cable on tv: $50-$100

Put a cherry on top:

TRX System $200

Heavy Bag: $60-100

Total Gym: $600-$900

Treadmill: $300-$2000

♦ Elliptical Trainer:  $500-$2000

Add a few sprinkles:

♦ A full length mirror

♦ MP3 Player/Music

Padded Flooring

Hand Towels

Once you have your gym started, be sure to visit my blog for exercise ideas!

Do you have a home gym? What do you have in it?

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