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So, I joined a Gym. Now What?

Joining a gym is not feasible for everyone but is a great option for many mamas! I love them because they are generally very family friendly. They usually offer swim, art, gymnastics and much more for the family. They have childcare or supervised child watch so that you and hubby can enjoy a class together, or so that you can go during the day while with kids. And of course, they offer a TON of things to do! If you are lucky, they have a pool, a large gym, group exercise classes and your normal weight and cardio section.

So many women join and then ask me how to proceed from there. Here is my advice for what to do once you join that gym!

1.) Figure out your goals.

Are you joining because you need to get stronger? Lose weight? Increase flexibility? Add variety to your current routine? Get a social outlet? More than likely, your answer is a combination of the things above, but try to focus in on the top one or two so that you can get your biggest bang for your buck!

2.) Browse the group exercise classes.

Most are included in the monthly fee for joining, however there may be some that cost extra. Try something new that you've been dying to try. Don't be afraid to join these classes because you will get a better workout in here than you will on your own in the weight/cardio section. (Unless you are a trainer or the instructor is terrible!)

3.) Get a session with the trainer.

Do this so that you can feel comfortable using the equipment. You can even hire out a trainer for a few sessions if you want them to set you up on a program.

4.) Call your friend.

Convince them to join! Studies show that we exercise more and more consistently when we have someone with us. So if you don't know anyone at the gym, work your best sales tactic to get them to join. If you have a few friends already there, then try to sync your schedules and attend some classes!

It can be very overwhelming to go from a home environment to a large gym setting. Remember that this is a process. Don't expect the perfect combination to come together ASAP. Be patient with yourself as you try new things and work your schedule to fit what gets you the results you need in the time you have!

Press on!


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