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Easy Ways To Decorate For Fall

Decorating for fall is easy and fun! I love the way that we can add autumn touches through out our homes within minutes.  With some simple changes to our living spaces, we can usher in the autumn season and prepare for the gathering of family and friends.  So let's talk about twelve easy ways to decorate for fall!

1. Decorate the mantle with simplicity.  This is one of the first places that we can change out things for the season.  I love the simplicity of adding greens, fall flowers, apples, pumpkins, and leaves.  The ideas are endless when it comes to the mantel and all that you can do to make this a focal point in your home. So you don't have a mantle?  Just decorate a shelf, piano, top of an armoire or tv cabinet.  Just about anything you have can become a "mantle"!

4. Add Warm ambience with candles.  Candles are a cheap and easy way to add mood, color, and fragrance that welcomes fall. How about a quick centerpiece of fruit, nuts, and leaves all surrounding autumn colored candles?  This is a display any of us could create and at the same time celebrates the harvest season perfectly.

5. Let the kids decorate for fall! I love this darling idea. These fall flags were made with scrapbook paper attached to sticks, then placed in a vase of popcorn.  Have the kids make crafts with you for fall and then it becomes a decoration that everyone feels a part of.  Paper chains, and leaf garlands are easy decorations kids can make as well.

6. Warm accent lighting creates the perfect ambience we need in the colder months.  As we sit more and hunker down to read, knit or watch television, it is nice to have some extra lighting. Small accent lamps are a quick and easy solution.

7. Pile on the layers.  Add area rugs even over carpet.  Throw on the comfy quilts and blankets to your sofas. Have fun mixing up the patterns and fall colors. This prepares the home for fun family times of gathering for movie nights and Sunday afternoon naps.

8. Plump up with pillows and fluffy bedding in warm autumn hues.  Adding flannels and thick textured bedding is a great way to welcome the colder nights. Warm color palettes in a variety of textures is a great way to prepare for relaxation.

9. Create cozy sitting areas by arranging the furniture to promote conversation and reading.  By simply shifting chairs and sofas you can change a room without any money.  In this living space above you just feel like kicking up your feet and reading.  The stacks of books and cozy chair make anyone ready to come home.

10. Texture and natural elements are a perfect addition for this time of the year.  Fill vases with flowers or branches in fall colors, sprinkle tables with pumpkins, fruit, and leaves.  Simple enough!

11. Organic arrangements of fruit--nothing says fall like apples. Again here is a way to showcase one common food item and make it an artful centerpiece.  This arrangement looks fresh and festive at the same time! You could make this same display with nuts, tangerines, or miniature pumpkins.

12. Welcoming entrances.  The front porch and entry way to the home is one of the best places to decorate and show off the season's splendor.  The ideas are endless with pots of fall mums, pumpkins, scarecrows, corn husks, wreaths on the door, and just about anything else you can think of!

I hope these simple fall decorating ideas will spark your imagination, and encourage you to create a warm atmosphere for your family.  Most of all enjoy the abundance of God's beauty and his bountiful blessings!

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