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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Achieve

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of Christmas decorating?  I used to feel that way until I figured out that I could keep holiday decorating simple and enjoy my Christmas a whole lot more!  The key for me has been learning to decorate with what I already have in my house, and then embellishing with a few items that give hints of Christmas.

We see beautiful displays in magazines and books, but most of them are elaborate, expensive and really too fussy for the common family home. I have found when I bring Christmas into my home in small ways and work it into what I own it just feels right and works for my style.

I thought it would be fun to show you some easy Christmas decorating ideas I have done in my own farmhouse that will hopefully inspire you.

Here is a classic red and white display that was quick and easy.  I used a grouping of eclectic items all in keeping with a two color decorating scheme.  As you can see nothing here is seasonal, and I love using my "God Is Good All The Time" sign that is a visual reminder for the season.  By adding red berry sprigs and a garland I have created a Christmas theme in minutes. You could create this idea adding any color to white.

Another fun thing to do for Christmas is to use something other than its intended purpose.  This old ladder is a perfect example of repurposing something and adding visual interest at the same time.  I don't have a mantle to hang stockings, so I use this old ladder propped in the corner and it adds a lot of fun to our home. You could do this same thing with an old door as well.

Here is another example of a display that works for the season without a lot of fuss.  By gathering some everyday items I created another Christmas display on my old farmhouse bench.  The joy letters, red yarn balls, and wreath are the only thing that is actually a hint of Christmas.  Maybe you have items you can pull together in your home to create something similar.  (The candles are LED so are safe for kids at this low level)

I had a whole lot of fun creating this vintage kitchen mantle.  Maybe you have some vintage items that when grouped together, can be used for Christmas.  I used my antique bobbins, and then added ornaments, a string of lights and a garland for a fun and festive idea.

This year I waned to try turquoise and red together for Christmas, and I love how it turned out!  Sometimes its fun to think outside the box when decorating for the holidays. Again this display was quick and easy to make! The Christmas items I used for this were holiday balls, red bead garland, a star tree topper, and some of those same berry sprigs. Viola! Fun and easy.

This winter white display is an example that could be done with any color scheme.  By bringing together my creamy white items I was able to make a serene and peaceful Christmas display.  Do you have a collection of common colored items that you could bring together?

Of course I also love involving my kids in decorating.  These are the gingerbread houses we made last year.  We not only had so much fun making them, and creating memories, but they were a perfect Christmas decoration that stayed out for December.  Other fun kid's decorations are paper chains, and handmade ornaments. There is nothing better than adding homemade items at the holidays.

Mason fruit jars are a great candle holder for Christmas.  I like the safety of them if you have kids around.  I made this quick and easy Christmas centerpiece in minutes. It looks great in a window sill, or as a centerpiece at the table

Here is a way to add a theme in minutes. I love beach and sea related items and love pulling out my starfish and shells. I created this display on the top of my piano. This is an example of taking ordinary off-season items and using them for the holidays. Who says that beach themed things have to be out in the summer? By adding candles and some ornaments, you can make any display look appropriate for Christmas.

And of course I love to incorporate the nativity into our decorating! This is one of several that we put out for Christmas.

For all of my decorating shown here, the only Christmas items I have used are unbreakable ball ornaments from Walmart, (yes wonderful for kids!)  strings of lights, a couple of faux garlands, berry sprigs, and candles. The rest of what you see I already owned in my house.  By adding these inexpensive embellishments you can create just about any display you want.

Most of all, I pray that as you celebrate Christ's birth this season, you will take pleasure and delight in decorating your home.  That it won't be a burden but a blessing to you and your family and that you have fun and make memories in the process!

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