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Fresh Simple Ways To Decorate For Winter

Now that the holidays are over, and we have taken down the Christmas decorations, let's talk about some ways to decorate for winter. There are some easy and fun tips we can use to avoid the winter blues while waiting for Spring to arrive.

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Decorate With Winter White

Shades of creams and whites are a great way to celebrate winter. Be sure to keep out candles for a warm glow.


Country Living

Add Winter Snow Effects

Keep out the sparkly candles, snowmen,  and snowflakes, and consider this soothing color scheme of blue and green for a fresh touch after the holidays and a delight to the eye.


Country Living

Add Plump Layers

Layering the bed with fluffy down comforters and extra blankets, is a sure way to enjoy this season. Throw on a mix of pillows for that downy feel. Why not infuse some bright and fun patterns also? Be sure to add a comfy throw to the foot of the bed for those winter naps!

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Don't Abandon The Greens

Natural elements help bring the outdoors in and add the freshness that we crave in the winter. Why not decorate with greens, winter berries, fruits, and branches? These work throughout the winter months.  Or simply add more green plants through the home for natural beauty.

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Don't Abandon Red

Right after the holidays consider keeping some of your red items out that can transition you right through to Valentines day. The addition of red is my way of keeping my home feeling cozy in the cold months.


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Reinvent The Holiday Wreath

Take a look at your left over Christmas wreaths and see what you can do to make them work for winter. Embellish wreaths with some bright flowers and natural elements for a transitional decoration.

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 Add Punches Of Color

This is a great cure for the winter blues. Do you have a favorite color that brings you happiness? Why not bring it into your home.  Winter can seem long and dull. But color has a great effect on us. Add color in simple ways, through accent pillows, throws, and small decor items.  It will be sure to bring cheer to any day!

Better Homes and Gardens

 Add Soft Texture And Layers

Layer on warm covers everywhere. Just like we wear winter coats, think about the same thing for your home. Use blankets and quilts for table coverings, and again layer different soft items on furniture and in a comfortable sitting area. Be sure to add a plushy area rug to keep the tootsies warm!


Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Add Warm Lighting

Use small accent lamps for warm lighting. Lighting is one of those secret weapons that can create ambiance when placed correctly and in areas that we tend to sit and read or chat during the winter months.

 As you can see with a little thoughtful planning you can find fresh simple ways to decorate for winter and enjoy the months ahead!

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