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Couponing for Good!!

21/365: Couponing
Couponing is such an easy way to save money. It is mainly about organization and getting to know your local store cycles. The best advice I can give to new couponers is to start with one or two stores in your area and learn as much as you can about those stores.  When you first start out stick with ALL FREE/CHEAP items or food or hygienic/cleaning items.  It is better to do one or the other and then grow from there.  Start collecting as many coupons as you can and put them in a binder or other organization system you have come up with.  Do NOT use your coupons unless the items are on sale.  Waiting until the item goes on sale can usually equal FREE/CHEAP items!! Also, find a blog to follow that price matches and tells you all the FREE/CHEAP items for the week as well as lets you know when there are good coupons available to print.

Couponing for me has turned into a ministry. This is such a tangible way to help others and will not cost you hardly any money. So many items are FREE and we are already going to the store.  I challenge every one of you to donate 4 items to an area food pantry, shelter, or family you know in need each week. We cannot do it alone, but WE ALL can do something "small" and the end result is something 'HUGE".  Jesus performed a miracle with 5 loaves and 2 fish and the same miracle can happen with our coupons and Christ.  It truly is that simple.  We can change our communities, one life at a time. . . just PASS THE BLESSING ON!!

Go to my Saving and Sharing For Christ every Sunday and I will have a list of FREE/CHEAP items that are available.  Then pick up 4 items and donate them to the place of your choice.  What makes a gift great in God's service is not the magnitude of the gift, it is into WHOSE HANDS the gift is given. Let's give these gifts and trust God to multiply them and change our communities. . . one life at a time. . . ALL FOR HIS GLORY!



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