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The Tool We Live In and a Giveaway!


Congratulations to the winner Anne-Marie Osborn!

Want to hear a secret?  Ok, here it is....  I love to clean!  I know, crazy!  But, it's true, I LOVE to clean.  Love it!  I actually think it's fun.   "Oh my" some of you are thinking; "A clean freak, no wonder she wanted more of Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean."  ;)

Well, yes I suppose it is true, (the part about liking 31 Days to Clean, not the "clean freak") but who doesn't enjoy a clean home? Here is another secret I would like to share with you; your home is a tool, or an instrument actually.  An instrument, is defined by as: "a means by which something is effected or done."

So,  quite literally, our homes are instruments that we use for the kingdom of God.  The Lord has placed us women in our homes.  Titus 2: 5 says we are to " keepers at home."  Yes, I know, them's fightin' words in some circles.  But the truth is that we are to keep our homes, guide our homes, manage our homes, and clean our homes all for the glory of God.

Have you ever pondered that; the fact that our homes are instruments?  They are indeed.  Our homes are where we meet the needs of those around us.

  • We encourage the discouraged, in our homes.
  • We feed the hungry, in our homes.
  • We give hope and comfort to the hurting, in our homes.
  • And we rejoice with the joyful ones, in our homes.

If our homes are our ministry, shouldn't they be clean?  I'm not talking "white glove" every minute of every day clean. I'm talking the welcoming, inviting kind of clean.  That way, when someone unexpected knocks on the door, we can minister right then at that very moment to their needs; without having to clear laundry and papers off the couch or push garbage and toys away from the door just to get it opened.  We need to be able to use our homes in a way that meets the needs of others.  Yes, our homes are places for us to rest and recharge, but they are also for ministry.

And that is the point here; that we keep a welcoming home to be used for His glory.

And so, yes, maybe that is why I enjoyed Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean. Actually I liked it so much I didn't want to end, so with her blessing, I wrote a supplement.  Encouraging Challenges: The Month after 31 Days to Clean.  Similar to Sarah Mae's eBook, this one has challenges as well.  There are cleaning challenges along with "heart" type challenges, activities that are fun and inspirational!

Guess what??

We have a great giveaway for you to help in this area of keeping home!

31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae

31 Days to Clean is about the “why”, the vision, and the heart for taking care of our domains. Each day Sarah Mae encourages you with some thoughts and ideas and then challenges you to put those ideas in to action


Encouraging Challenges by Jennifer Ross

Encouraging Challenges is for the month after 31 Days to Clean. There are cleaning challenges along with "heart" type challenges, activities that are fun and inspirational!


As an added bonus...

The winner will also receive a copy of Jennifer's husbands new eBook, Nurturing A Godly Wife!





For Extra Entries:

  • Share about this giveway in anyway via social media (email, twitter, facebook etc.)
  • Visit Sarah Mae at 31 Days to Clean Facebook and tell her why you would love her book!

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do!

We would love for you to "like" Jennifer's facebook pages as well (you just can't get an entry for it because of a new rule from facebook) Encouraging Challenges and Nurturing A Godly Wife

Weary not in well doing! Jennifer at Renewing Housewives

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Giveaway Ends Saturday August 27th at 11:59pmEST

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