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5 Ways to Bring Joy Back to Homemaking!

Joy in homemaking?  YES!! JOY in Homemaking!!

Some of you are with me all the way, but there are others who are saying, "How do I bring joy back to homemaking?  It was never there to begin with."

Y'all are breaking my heart! Don't say that!

So, okay, being a keeper of my home is my absolute favorite.  I love it!  It's all I ever wanted to do when I was younger.

"What are you going to be when you grow up?" they would ask.

"I don't know," I'd respond.

Truth is, I did know.   I wanted that cute little house with shutters, and a white picket fence.

And when my super cute, muscly husband came home from work, I'd be standing at the door donning an apron, holding out a plate of fresh-from-the-oven cookies, with several sparkling-clean faced children lined up before me..

Ahhh, my dream.  And in that dream was joy, pure joy.

But joy isn't about the house or the children. 

Joy is perspective and mind-set.  (Ahem, let me digress for a second, you can't have true joy without Jesus)

But as a child of God, joy in homemaking or any area of life is not only possible, it should be expected.  So, how do you bring joy back to homemaking?

Here are 5 ways:

1. KNOW that as a homemaker, you are where the Lord wants you.  If you were to go by just what we read in the Bible, you would find that wives are to be homemakers. " homemakers"  Titus 2:5 NKJV

2. Reject culture's ideas of what women should do with their days.   Most of us grew up believing we would get into a good college then have a successful career.  That leaves no room for full-time homemaking.  And it leaves many women feeling guilty, on either side of the fence.

3. Pray and read God's Word often.  Specifically the passages that speak of women's roles; Titus 2, 1 Timothy 5:14 for instance.

4. Find others who can encourage you daily as a homemaker (real life is ideal, but blogs like this one are exceptional options)

5. Keep up on the housework in general.  Keeping the laundry and dishes done, as well as the general upkeep of the house will make your home a more joyful place.  It will reduce frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed, which in turn, will promote true joy.

I want you to be a joyful homemaker.  The Lord wants you to be a joyful homemaker.  Your husband and children... want you to be a joyful homemaker!

Joy in homemaking is essential. 

I believe in it so much, I am delighted to offer our new DVD, "Homemaking 101" to you all for 25% off! 

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Be joyful!!

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