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Contentment is a Choice

I can see it so clearly in my oldest daughter—that constant yearning and wanting and always needing something more.  No sooner does she get what she wants than she is on to the next thing, constantly pining for something else that is just out of reach.  Sometimes it feels like she is incapable of just enjoying the moment she is in, of appreciating what she has instead of worrying about what she is missing out on.  Her insatiable need for more scares me sometimes. 

And yet.

Just a couple of weeks ago I shared the incredible new online service called ePantry with you. Well today I am so so soooooo excited to share that I am partnering with ePantry again, but this time to GIVE. Give? Yes to give!! Let me explain. Through The Better Mom, ePantry is giving $15 for every new customer order to an incredible ministry that I have shared with you in the past called Mercy House Kenya. The Mercy House exists to raise funds to provide alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The Mercy House aids them in education, nutrition, housing, prenatal care, Bible study, counseling and job skills for sustainable living. I would love for you to join me in supporting this incredible ministry!

Entering the holiday season can be familiar and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming because it comes so quickly. If you are like me you wish it was extended over a longer period of time just so you can savor all of the seasonal benefits such as holiday themed cups at coffee houses, the smell of wet concrete from rain or even snow, pumpkin everything, and of course eggnog. This time of year is special and can often times bring up fond memories of the past, especially if families made an effort to incorporate traditions. We find ourselves taking turns in conversations reminiscing of past seasons and what made it the most special to us. Don’t you agree?

We love to get lost in books around here. I’m always on the hunt for titles to read to my whole crew…and I mean my whole crew. With four kids spanning the ages of thirteen down to six, I have to keep hunting for books we can all chew on and sit still for. We love to cuddle up on couches, on the floor or under the covers with big cups of tea and a great story. It is really the sweetest moments we make together. As the cold weather gets colder, we need this time more and more.

If you're looking for books to warm the hearts in your home too, here is my list of favorite Read- Alouds that children (and adults) of every age will find captivating!

Well... (as you know :)) when I try something I love I always HAVE to share it with y'all! Recently I was asked by ePantry to try out their service and share my experience with my readers! I already love online shopping and of course I love to get a deal so this seemed like the perfect fit for me! I went online, signed up and within a few days received my box of items. It was so simple, convenient and the best part???... I LOVE all of the products I received. A few of them I already use in my home, but even those products are offered at a discount through ePantry. My three very favorite products I ordered were the Meyer's hand soap, dishwasher pods and the ePantry soy candle in pear (LOVED this candle!!).

Sooo..... What is ePantry???

ePantry is an online subscription site offering mostly all-natural household products (such as Mrs. Meyers), where you get to choose what you want.