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Celebrating Three of my Favorite Things this Valentine's Day

Celebrating Three of my Favorite Things this Valentine's Day

February – the month of LOVE!   From Cupid to candy hearts to paper Valentine’s, there is a lot of red and pink looming around all the stores.  And to help celebrate all things LOVE, I want to share with you my current Young Living LOVES of the month.  I say current because, let’s face it, this changes quite often as I keep trying new things!  But for now, I’m quite certain that you will love these products too.


1) Orange Blossom Face Wash – Why, oh why, have I waited so long to try this product?  It is my favorite face wash of all times and leaves you feeling so fresh and clean!  The best part about this product is that is goes such a long way!  And all you have to do is purchase a few inexpensive foaming face wash bottles off of Amazon.  One bottle of Orange Blossom Face Wash will make FOUR of these 4 ounce foaming bottles.  Just add an ounce of the face wash and fill the rest with water. Be still my heart! 

Orange Blossom.jpg

2) Super B –Life saver is what comes to mind when I think of Super B.  I had been struggling with exhaustion.  And I had no reason why!  I would hit my afternoon wall by 2:00 and literally struggle to keep my eyes open.  This supplement combines all EIGHT B vitamins to help support your energy levels, mood and cardiovascular functions!  Yes, I am certainly in love with this product!


3) White Angelica – Besides the pleasing floral aroma that this oil brings, it helps protect against negative emotions and helps bring us greater spiritual awareness.  Okay, let’s just stop a moment and thank the sweet Lord for this oil.  I mean…really.  As a momma, I need a little help some days, ya know?  It’s not easy doing what we do, ladies!  I can’t even believe how amazing this oil is!  And I’m not the only one in love with this oil.  In fact, to get your hands on this, you have to become an Essential Rewards member.  (Click here to learn more about what that means).  BUT – because I love all of you sweet moms, I’m giving a free bottle away to the first person to sign up for a starter kit this month.  So click here to be the first one to sign up!

White Angelica.jpg

I hope you love all these products as much as I do.  And don’t forget, spread some of that love around this month.  You can never have too much kindness and love!

Many Blessings!


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