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3 Lifestyle Changes To Start Your New Year Off Right

3 Lifestyle Changes To Start Your New Year Off Right

It’s January. You know what that means. Everywhere you turn there will be ads about weight loss and sales on treadmills, ellipticals, and spinning machines. And I suppose it all makes sense. Let’s face it – with Thanksgiving and Christmas just a month apart, you know it’s been a rough couple of months. 

Even if you’re a healthy eater normally, the holidays can certainly be a great excuse to cheat. Trust me – I’m NOT JUDGING – I need to get back to some sense of normalcy myself. You know it’s bad when you are seriously craving salads and vegetables!  But I have to be real when I say I am not a trend follower. I am all about a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to dieting, I just can’t do it. That’s not to say I am AGAINST dieting – it just never works for me. Personally, I need something that I can do for the rest of my life. So for me, it’s portion control, wiser choices, and limiting carbs. 

It’s the new year and the theme of how to create a new you is everywhere! But what do you really need to be more healthy? These practical changes are ones can you make today to start the year off right.

No matter what your New Year looks like, I have some ideas for you that I think you will love to incorporate into your daily routine with very little effort! 

  1. I LOVE adding a little flavor to my water daily. In a GLASS, add 1-2 drops of Grapefruit oil.  Grapefruit oil helps increase your metabolism naturally and turn your body into fat-burning mode. Plus, it tastes amazing and will help you get all your water intake in for the day.  As a guideline, I try and get half of my body weight in ounces every day. 

  2. Need help suppressing your appetite?  Peppermint oil is the way to go. You can simply swipe some under your tongue or add it to your water. Not only does it help suppress your appetite, but it can also help aid in digestion. And I LOVE to put some behind my ear before I start working out.  It helps boost my energy and keeps me cool.

  3. After all the indulging over the holidays, Lemon oil is great to add to your water to cleanse your body. Lemon oil helps rid your body of all the nasty toxins.  And if you would rather take this trio that I’ve mentioned in a pill form, you can make your own gel caps. Simply put 1-2 drops of each and add a V-6 carrier oil to completely fill the capsules and take one capsule in the morning and one at night. 


Click here to learn more about essential oils.

These are just a few ideas that can help you kick off the New Year right.  But remember to add exercise into your daily routine as well! 

And ladies, let’s not get too wrapped up into how we look. Let’s just do what we can to take care of these beautiful temples that God gave us.  And whatever that looks like for you, remember to praise Him.  Because we are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE



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